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Who said only men can play a Serial Killer role in a movie? There are some notable characters played by women in some movies portraying a serial killer role. here's my "Entertainment Zone" entry TOP FIVE MOST NOTABLE FEMALE MOVIE SERIAL KILLERS
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Monster is a 2003 biographical-crime-drama-thriller about serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a former prostitute who was executed in 2002 for killing seven men in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Wuornos was played by Charlize Theron, and her lover, Selby Wall, was played by Christina Ricci. She is the only character in our list that is based on a true story. Film critics praised Monster. Most gave especially high praise to Theron's performance as an unattractive, mentally ill woman. For the role, Theron gained 30 pounds and wore prosthetic teeth. Critics called her performance, and her makeup, a "transformation".

The root of all the evilness of Jason. Pamela Sue Voorhees is a fictional character in the Friday the 13th films, and the antagonist of the original Friday the 13th film. She is a former camp cook and the mother of Jason. The character was portrayed by Betsy Palmer in the first two films. During the character's brief appearance in Freddy vs. Jason, she was played by Paula Shaw. After her son's death, Pamela began hearing voices telling her to kill. In 1958, a year after Jason's death, Pamela brutally murdered two counselors whom she felt were responsible for her young son's death. Camp Crystal Lake was closed after the murders and was given the nickname "Camp Blood" by local residents. When the owner tried to re-open the camp again in 1962, Pamela returned, poisoned the water, and set several fires. The camp was shut down once again and did not reopen until 1980. Although Pamela does not share her son's unique immortality, she does reappear in later films. The character is seen again in the climax of Friday the 13th Part 2 in which Betsy Palmer reprises her role when Jason sees his mother talking to him while in reality it is one of Jason's potential victims trying to fool him. Pamela is seen again in Friday the 13th Part III when lone survivor Chris Higgins has a nightmare that ends with Pamela's corpse (played by the Second Assistant Director, Marilyn Poucher), wearing her blue sweater with head attached, reaching up from the lake to pull her under. She is seen again in Freddy vs. Jason (played this time by Paula Shaw), seen in Hell commanding her son to kill the children of Elm Street; however, it turns out that it is actually Freddy Krueger masquerading as Pamela in order to manipulate Jason for his own needs.


Okay...If you haven't watched this film yet.. sorry for spoiling her character. I know she shouldn't be here knowing at the end of the story, it was revealed that Angela is a male, however, because of the impact of Angela Baker's character.. I believe she deserve a spot here. Sleepaway Camp is a 1983 cult classic horror movie. The film is widely known for having one of the most shocking endings in cinematic history. Angela is revealed to be both the killer and a boy - the thought-to-be-dead Peter. Through flashbacks it is shown that after Martha gained custody of him, she decided to raise Peter as a girl, already having a son and coming to the conclusion that another boy "simply would not do." It's also implied that the children were mentally affected in a very negative way by seeing their father sharing a homosexual embrace with another man. The film ends with "Angela", male genitalia in full view, letting out an animalistic hissing sound.


Amanda Young is a fictional character in the Saw film series. She is portrayed by Shawnee Smith. At first a minor character in the original film, her role expanded in the sequels until she became one of the most important characters in the series, being the only character besides Jigsaw himself to have been featured in every Saw film to date. After becoming an apprentice to Jigsaw, Amanda often took on many of Jigsaw's iconic symbols. For instance, she often wore a pig mask when capturing her victims. Also, in Saw III, she appeared wearing Jigsaw's iconic red and black theatrical robe. Huntley analyzed this as an attempt by Amanda to be "dressed as Jigsaw". Huntley further stated that: "For Amanda, Jigsaw as signifier can only ever stand in the place of a vexatious and frustrating lack and it is this which locates Amanda in such a conflicted position – having given “every cell” of herself to Jigsaw she is only able to act in an imitative and repetitive way, a second, or understudy, in danger of being only slightly more useful than the Billy doll, waiting both for and against Jigsaw’s inevitable and impending death."


Anne Marie Wilkes Dugan, usually known as Annie Wilkes, is a fictional character and the antagonist in the 1987 novel Misery, by Stephen King. In the 1990 film adaptation of the novel, Annie Wilkes was portrayed by Kathy Bates, who won the Best Leading Actress Oscar for her portrayal. The American Film Institute included Annie Wilkes (as played by Bates) in their "100 Heroes and Villains" list, ranking her as the 17th most iconic villain (and the seventh-most iconic villainess) in film history. Annie Wilkes is a cunning, brutal and dangerously disturbed woman who hides her psychosis behind a cheery facade. In the novel, she frequently maims herself during her bouts with depression. She has an unhealthy obsession with romance novels, particularly Sheldon's Misery series. She often has difficulty in differentiating between these novels and reality. She is also fanatically religious.
She abhors profanity, to the point that she will fly into fits of rage if it is used in front of her. She instead expresses anger with childishly strange words and phrases like "cockadoodie," "dirty bird," "dirty birdy," "oogie," and "rooty-patooties." In the novel, however, she lets more conventional profanities slip on occasion. Also, in both the novel and the film, she calls Sheldon a "lying cocksucker" after he burns the manuscript to Misery's Return. Incurably paranoid and depressed, she thinks everyone is persecuting her and frequently has unexpectedly violent tantrums over insignificant matters. For instance, when Paul complains that the paper she originally bought him is smudge-prone, she hits his still-healing knee (with her bare hands in the novel and with the packet of paper in the movie).

If you are looking for some characters like Regan Macneil of The Exorcist or Sadako Yamamura of The Ring.. Sorry guys but they are excluded on the list. That is why i emphasize the word Mortal in this category. Annie Wilkes and the rest of the characters here and more will be featured in "World Of Creeps" All new entries will be added on that blog. I also change my header to that blog in relation with its new theme.

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