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"Everyday i love you"

Boyzone was a popular Irish boy band of the 1990s. They had major success in the UK and Ireland and differing levels of success in parts of Europe and Asia with six #1 hit singles in the UK. By 2007 they had sold over 15 million records
Boyzone was put together in 1993 by Louis Walsh who is also known for managing Johnny Logan and Westlife. Before even recording any material they made a now infamous appearance on RTÉ's The Late Late Show. Their first album Said and Done was released in 1995 and the following two studio albums in 1996 and 1998. Three compilation albums have been released, the latest being Key to My Life: The Collection in early 2006

Boyzone were formed by manager Louis Walsh who advertised an audition for boys to form a vocal group. More than a hundred auditionees tried out including the then unknown Colin Farrell. The band, initially a six piece outfit[citation needed] who made their first appearance (only a day after being formed) on Ireland's top-rated Late Late Show dancing to a backing track, eventually comprised Ronan Keating (who would in time become the group's lead vocalist), Mikey Graham, Stephen Gately, Shane Lynch, and Keith Duffy. The band played through 1993 and in the early parts of 1994 to anyone who would listen, traveling all over Ireland in an old transit van, playing in nightclubs whilst hoping for a record deal.
Polygram signed them up and released the cover version of the 1966 Four Seasons hit "Working My Way Back To You", featuring Mikey Graham and Stephen Gately on lead vocals, something which was not repeated. It reached No. 3 in the Irish Charts. The boys became stars overnight after being surrounded by mobs of screaming girls everywhere.
They also appeared on the Childliners record The Gift Of Christmas alongside acts such as Backstreet Boys, MN8, E.Y.C., Sean Maguire, Deuce, Ultimate Kaos, Let Loose, East 17, Peter Andre, Michelle Gayle, Dannii Minogue and many more.
Future singles featured Stephen Gately and Ronan Keating together or Ronan Keating alone assuming lead vocals. This led to a light hearted campaign by some fans to "Let Mick Sing".
The song "Love Me For A Reason", cover of the 1974 Osmonds hit, came next. It also gave them a Smash Hits Award for "Best New Group".
They released "Said and Done", their first album in 1995, reaching the top in both UK and Ireland. London's Rock Circus invited them to place their handprints on the "Walls of Hands" besides the likes of Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson.
The group released the album "A Different Beat" in 1996, which contained their first UK number one single, "Words" further number one, "A Different Beat" and the single "Isn't it a Wonder".
After the release of the album "Where We Belong" in 1998, the boyz finally gained the respect they deserved. This contained the singles "All that I Need", "Baby Can I Hold You" "No Matter What" "I Love The Way You Love Me" and "Picture of You". Ronan received the "Ivor Novello" award for "Picture of You" as featured in the film Mr Bean. Wax figures of the boyz were made beside U2 in Dublin. "No Matter What", their best selling single, was voted "Song of the Year".
In 1999, their greatest hits compilation "By Request" was released and another sell-out tour. At this time, due to the threat of a tabloid expose, Stephen told the world that he was gay. The fans supported him and his boyfriend Eloy de Jong. The boyz splintered and took off to pursue individual careers, hoping to reap huge success.
The group performed together for the last time in January 2000 after which Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately and Mikey Graham all pursued solo careers, with varying degrees of success. In addition, Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch also released a single.
In the seven years that they were together (1993 - 2000), Boyzone rose to the top echelon of Ireland's pop music. Dubbed "most promising band of the year" by British magazine, Smash Hits in 1995, the group more than fulfilled the modest expectations that followed their Late, Late Show performance. All sixteen of their singles reached the top five and they became the first Irish act to have four number one hits in the United Kingdom. Their 1998 tour of Ireland shattered all sales records when 35,000 tickets were sold out in four hours.

Band Members
Ronan Keating (lead vocals)
Stephen Gately
Mikey Graham
Shane Lynch
Keith Duffy

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