Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MY ARTICLE number 1


But first of all let me remind you that this article is slightly confidential

this is generally made for men.it is an important thing to be tackled and discussed for a men like us.
Although i know women should also know about this thing for some reason i think

"my first article is entitled.........LETS BE CIRCUMSPECT ABOUT CIRCUMCISION"


"HEY! this is my page how dare you to say its nonsense huh?" hi there my fellow readers!!! just ignore that dog above me well i will try my best just to deliver this article nicely and informatively.....believe me this is something with sense!!!


We must carefully attentive to all the circumstances of circumcision!

Circumcision is a process of cutting off all or part of the foreskin of the male organ.

actually, it can also be defined as a TRADITION.

70% of male in the world population are said to be circumcised and the rest 30% are not.

What is the sense of circumcision ANYWAY? Do circumcised men getting more disadvantages than uncircumcised ones?

There are many ways of how the circumcision is done.

Maybe i could say that circumcision is a process of putting an ART so as to achieve the desired look of the organ

But the question here is "For what reason circumcision was done with artness?"

Let me give you three major reason





Circumcision symbolize a progress from childhood to manhood or adolescence period of a male.Its a preparation or sign of readiness to his another step or part of his life...."MATURITY"

HYGIENE? ofcourse!

Penis is a genital "genitalia" meaning external sex organ and like the other part of our body we must maintain the cleanliness of it

an uncircumcised organ is truly hard to clean up due to the covered part of it where definitely the dirt was trapped

Scientifically, genitals id the most sensitive part of our body and must be provided by an extensive care.It is because they can easily be prone to skin irritation and other unwanted skin diseases

SEX? admittedly yes!


as i read in a magazine "female much more feel the part (the head) that touches their genitals

and according to that magazine too "its not only the female who can get benifit from it during sex

due to the uncovered part of the male organ it produces tickling effect which will give a reason why men feel more comportable when they are circumcised

okay before this conversation took deeper and deeper let me skip the topic


aside from the advantages i said earlier

one important element of advantage is "We are free from diseases such as skin diseases,warts and ofcourse..we can avoid or prevent our selves from sexually transmitted diseases as HIV


ACTUALLY NO! although disadvantages will occur as how the operation is done

Let me give you my last words "no matter you are circumcised or not, and you are in a relationship

always remember it is not being circumcised is your weapon to make your relationship strong

relationship is for love and only just for love and not for sex

this article was not done just for fun or just giving unwanted substances in your mind

i know that circumspecting about circumcision is a topic with sense

this was not done to discriminate Uncircumsiced ones i am just trying to differentiate

i hope you find this article not bad but an article with sensibility and informatively

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