Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazing Toys

I remember when i was in Elementary, i keep on playing toy soldiers. My dad even created a battle field for me for those toys. And This game will never be completed without "Battle Tanks". I used to play mini-war games with my brother. It is a battle between two different army. The plenty the soldiers and battle tanks you have, the more chances of winning the game. We used to decorate our own Field as well to make it more realistic.
Speaking of being "realistic" i just found out a site where in you can purchase remote control Battle Tanks. Amazingly, these 3D live action figures, really looks like an actual Battle Tank. The designs are very detailed and very eye catching as well.
RC Tanks are not just an ordinary Remote control toys, they are Radio control toys which produces amazing sound effects like you were on the actual war. Aside from those sound effects, did you know that these Radio Control battle Tanks can produce "smoking effect" as well which gives the toy more realistic effects while you're playing it.
RC Batte Tanks has many various designs to choose from and they are very affordable as well.
So Instead of having those online war games or play war video games, why dont you try playing action figures with your child.

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