Friday, June 26, 2009


Hello there my friends..Just want to ask you guys if you encountered this message box too as you open my site? I am a little bit not that techie but i know there's something wrong here. I open my blog today then suddenly this "authentication box" appeared asking me for my account username and password for the website "PAYING POST' I know that im a member of this site so instead of of placing my personal information in the pop up box, i went to the actual site and try to log in.
As i entered my username and password in the login page and pressed the enter key
i went down to this page

I dont understand even a single word here. I dont know if the message box is related to this error code or not...whoaaaahh it is very complicated and i dont know what to do.
I know that the message box is a spam knowing the fact that username and password should always be private.
calling all tech savvy...... please let me know how to eliminate this thing

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