Monday, October 4, 2010

Meeting Satisfaction

Are you satisfied with your body? Are you confident with what you have right now? Let me share you a story about my friend. I dare not to reveal her name to respect her privacy. This friend of mine undergone a medical procedure called breast augmentation. I am not so sure how exactly the procedure was done but as I searched something about it online, I found out that breast augmentation is just the same as breast implant. I am nothing against these procedures. In fact, I have found that a huge percentage of Americans especially in California, highly embrace such procedures. It is also said that California breast augmentation is well known world wide for providing a very satisfying results to their patients. Anyway, going back to my friend, we find her more confident after she have done that process which is so good for her. I guess these medical procedures like the one being offered in California like the Los Angeles rhinoplasty and the Beverly Hills liposuction and other related medical procedures help their patients not just to have their desired body but also to help them boost their confidence and increase their self esteem. If you will be asked, will you consider these medical procedures as the best way for you to be satisfied with your body? Well, I know some of you might say “No” if you find these medical procedures risky and highly expensive. You might say no if you have what so called “Contentment” with what you have or you really don’t need it that much. But of course, for those who can afford such procedures and for those who are willing to undergo such surgeries, and for those who really want to get out from their shells and show the world what they can be, medical procedures like this is the key towards a brand new life. However, it is not all about the money because the most important factor to consider here before undergoing any operation is to ensure your self that you are dealing with well trusted and well trained surgeons. For me, there’s nothing really wrong in embracing such procedures as long as you have the right surgeons to trust with.

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