Thursday, February 6, 2014


They said that it is always good to plan things ahead. Preparation plays a vital role to prevent failures or possible regrets especially if you have made wrong decisions. Same thing goes when you decided to retire. Your life doesn't stop after your retirement and in fact there are so many things you can do to keep yourself busy and most of them will actually make your life more colorful. Some people tend to feel so depressed once they have reached their retirement without knowing that this is a chapter of their life that they can do almost anything to make their life more meaningful. Listed below are five things you can do after your retirement.

5. Read and Write - It is always wonderful to spend more time in reading more books and explore different ideas and it is even more enjoying if you motivate yourself to write either an autobiography , daily journal or any form of literature like novel or short story. Reading and writing is actually a good way to stimulate you mentally which is effective to prevent yourself from getting possible Alzheimer or Dementia. On top of that, it is also a good way to pamper yourself and to keep you away from so much stress.

4. Get A Hobby - During your life before retirement, you keep yourself busy with work and ignoring those wonderful things in life simply because you have no time for them. After your retirement, you can almost do anything and you can have all your time without worrying much about work-related matters. It is a perfect opportunity to get yourself a hobby. Gardening and Landscaping is probably on of the most effective way to keep yourself away from being bored. All you need is a huge outdoor to start a garden of your own. You can keep yourself busy by trimming plants, make elegant topiary and more. You probably want to have Gubba Garden Sheds to store all your gardening materials and keep them in good shape. In addition to that, you can also get other hobbies like bird watching, quilting, painting, woodworking and more.

3. Join Recreational Activities or Get into Sports - If there is one thing that can definitely keep yourself busy, then it is most likely the sports or other recreational activities. There are sports that are exclusively for older people like golf in particular. Other recreational activities you might consider being a part of are some voluntary charitable missions or joining some special groups of your age.

2. Travel - You are already retired and you are done with those heavy duty workloads and more and therefore, it is time for you to treat yourself. Traveling is definitely a great thing to consider. This is not just an overnight travel but a long term vacation and this is also the reason why most of them used to rent or avail their own Smart Motor Homes. There are some recreational vehicles to use who are good for camping and outdoor activities. They are usually filled with complete living amenities inside but of course, you have to pick the vehicle that can accommodate all your things or your companions if any. I personally like those Cuddle Buddies Bean Bags due to their multiple function because they can be used as pillows, comfy chairs and they are not space consuming too (ideal for those motor homes indeed). If you have big budget, then you might consider booking a flight to some luxurious travel destinations.

1. Spend more time with Family - You are not getting any younger indeed and we have to accept the fact that you have spent more time in working rather than spending quality time with your family. After the retirement, this is a very good time to spend more time either with your kids or with your grandchildren. It is the best way to keep you away from depression and stress.

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