Thursday, July 2, 2009


Its Time for another round of Blog Idol
Last round, Mee Moe left the stage with her final song "somewhere in time"
While Fida got the Highest number of votes and will received an extra 100 EC

Starting from this month, Our contenders will be united in one group.
For this round, i assigned them to pick a Movie Theme Song

Starting from Foongpc, who picked a very notable song from the movie "TITANIC"
My Heart Will Go On

next song, chosen by elai was sang my Mandy Moore in the movie with the same title

"A Walk to Remember"

Annberly picked an 80's song from a hit movie "The Body Guard"

"I will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston

Our next contender chose an original David Soul song and was renditioned by a Philippine local artist "piolo Pascual" for the movie with the same title

Meet Norms and her song

"Dont Give up on Us "

Next is Fida who picked a song from the movie "True Stories"

"Dream Operator" by Talking Heads

Last but not the least is Monica with her song from the movie "High School Musical 3"

Here's the movie official Theme song "Now or Never"

since we only have one group of contenders, the Poll survey will now last up to 4 consecutive days
My blogs Blog Idol, Positive Thinking and Little Corners are now ready for your votes!!
Have a great day!!!

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