Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Final 3 Revealed

We had another exciting Blog Idol week but sad to say we have to eliminate one more blogger to go to the next round.
I'm telling you guys.. it is really a tough fight between these four bloggers... The scores areso close to each other.
Now, here are the Top 3 Remaining Idol who will be advancing in the next round

Our Top 1 for this week

Faisal Admar = 29 votes

Top 2

Mariuca= 28 votes

Top 3

Bananaz = 18 votes

Our dearest Bill failed to make it to the next round but we should give him a round of applause for making it this far.

He is such a great sport and submitted great song entries. Cheers!

Next Week will be much tougher because we only have 3 remaining idols.
We only have 2 more rounds before we crown the next Blog Idol!


As a continuation of my Song To Remember's 2nd Year Anniversary, I am so happy to preset you my Choice number 3. It is a very inspirational song from Bette Midler. Have a clue? Check if you are right Here

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