Thursday, July 1, 2010

The First Look at Blog Idol T Shirt and Capiz Boxes

I got all the prizes already and they are about to be shipped after the blog idol contest.
Here's the first look at our Blog Idol Commenter T-shirt.
The Tee was printed with the help of our friends on "Transfer it"
First, i submitted my design and let them edit it for me and print them in a specialize Paper...errr i don't know what the term is...

Cutting the Designs
Using this machine, they will now be transferring the design on the Tee.

Tadah! the finished Product!

And with our First Winner's website printed at the back!
Also, i got all the Capiz Boxes last week. I'm telling you guys, Jules made an awesome job for these wonderful Capiz boxes! The size of Each box is bigger than what i am expecting.
It is 7cm x 7cm x 6cm in size.

I got some problem with the Key chain but i know i can fix it before the due date.

Thank you guys for making all this things possible.

by the way, the listing of my TOP 50 Favorite songs starts today. They are not arranged in order.
Our first song is a hit song from one of my favorite Soul Singer, Dionne Warwick.. errr. okay... as what i told you before.. i am an old school music lover.. so expect to hear a lot of oldies in my list haha..
do not forget to leave your comment there and let me hear your opinion (Song To Remember)

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