Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Used to Be an Active Blogger

Hi guys, I know most of you are wondering where am I now and why it took me so long to visit your blogs. To be honest, I am really disappointed of what's happening to my blogs. Things are getting so crazy right now. I wish i still have ample of time to finish my usual blogging routine before but my work kills my time. I don't know but i find it so difficult to adjust. I was thinking if i made a right choice to work this far. Blogging has always been a passion to me and it drives me crazy whenever I failed to visit your blog guys.
I'm looking for some other options right now and I'm currently working on them in order to keep myself from being so stressed. It's really depressing to see all these changes. I used to be a night owl before, I used to be active in Twitter with Foong, Caroline, Marzie , Monica and Bill. I used to be a spammer to SK and Twilight's blogs. I used to feature a blog monthly for my IBOTM. I used to be an avid visitor to Anney, Alice Law, Kianfai, Tekkaus, Suatuapui, Gagay's Blog. I used to come up with a different Top Five entries before.
I miss you guys so bad and I desperately wanted to bring those moments back. Just please bear with me for awhile, I know I can do something about this. Thank you for your support. I'm not quitting and I never ever consider that thing. Blogging has become a part of my life and it changes me dramatically. I've been here for almost five years and that's good enough reason for me to stay.
See you soon guys.

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