Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making a Blog More Interesting

How can you make a blog more interesting for your readers? Is there any certain format or formula for it? Do you have to make some "catchy' posts to attract more viewers and avid followers?
Well, for me, I have been into blogging more almost 5 years and I have been an avid follower/reader of different blogs, and as a reader, I don't think there's a certain formula for it in order to make a blog more interesting. And as all you know, I have this "Interesting Blog of the Month" portion in my blog to show my appreciation to those bloggers for having such an interesting blog and for having some readers-friendly entries.
I think , it is all about the content itself. I would rather go for a blog with a very simple layout but with nice and decent posts than going for a professional-looking one who knows nothing but to criticize someone or something more offensive than that.
Though layout is indeed one of the factors that will make your blog more alive and colorful especially if you will use your site for business purposes. How can you showcase a product effectively if the layout and the site's navigation itself will bore your readers out? I'm not a techie one so I do not know how to deal with those "php", "xml" , "css" or whatsoever so if you're like me and if you're aiming to establish a business blog, then you might need to ask someone or avail like the Web Design London service. I have been to different blogs and I have seen so many wonderful and exceptional layouts.
But anyway, simplicity of the website is good enough and you don't have to make it more complicated, after all, the readers will be basing it more into the content of your blog.

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