Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listening to Music Online!

If there’s one thing I can’t live without, that would be my MP3! I just can’t live a day without hearing any music. It almost serves as my energizer and keeps me up at work. Unlike cassette or radio, MP3 is very portable and I can bring it any where I want. I can also choose the music I want by downloading them online. Good thing there’s the Internet and there are websites where I can download those hard-to-find songs that I am longing to hear.
I love classic songs especially those Motown hits from the 80’s. Most of these songs are becoming rare and really hard to find. That s why I am very happy that we can now download MP3 files from the Internet all for free! I’m very thankful of whomever behind this kind of computer program.
I just read an article about “listening to music online” and when and how it started. According to the article, back in 1990’s a computer program called Napster made it possible to download MP3 files without paying anything. Napster has become and Internet sensation and wildly become popular to all music lovers. However, Napster went down after the music industry filed a law suit against them. After Napster, there are various software programs appeared like Kazaa, Morpheus, Gnutella, and Grokster who offer also allow users to download MP3 files in no cost and the rest is History.
I am happy that I am part of modern generation where in almost everything can be access free via internet.
By the way if you’re also looking for a great and useful article, you can drop by at They got plenty of great articles providing useful and comprehensive information. They will teach you everything about business, internet and even how to advertise in newspaper and magazines!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Importance of Proper Grooming

Now that we are experiencing global financial crisis and the economy is not doing well, it’s really hard to find a job that you desire and is right for you. The competition in the job market usually takes place on the applicant’s employment record. The more experiences you have, the bigger the tendency to be hired and be employed. However, according to the latest survey conducted by Harris Interactive(R) and commissioned by Gillette, 84% of HR professionals agreed that well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well-groomed.
The result of this survey only indicates that most HR Professionals are also scanning their applicants based on how properly they are groomed. Proper grooming will create a good impression which will also make you more confident and look more professional.
Good thing, Gillette has engaged career expert, Mark Jeffries and GQ style correspondent, Brett Fahlgren to share their knowledge, ideas and some advices for guys who are looking for a new job or those who want to be promoted.
Gillette launched the Gillette Career Advantage on their website at The site will allow jobseekers and professionals a chance to review expert advice from both Mark Jeffries and Brett Fahlgren. The site will also allow you to take their Career Quiz to measure how much you’ve learned about proper grooming. You can also get some useful tips by viewing their Hire Guide.
If you are interested, you can visit them at their website to learn more about proper grooming and useful tips that will help you rise above the competition in today’s competitive job market.
You can also review the survey findings and more about Gillette Products and other press releases by visiting them at their Gillette Resource Center. If you are applying for a job, always remember that it is all about the first impression, and looking great is the best way to make a good one!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009




This two young lovers make it on the fifth spot
there's also a an anime seriies as a continuation of their love story called "TSUBAZA" or chronicles of the wings


The story focus on the love story of tamahome and miaka. this is also a classic one


this is one of the greatest loveteam in the anime world

I know many of you are familiar with these two

who among as doesnt remember the loveteam between sailor moon and tuxedo mask


Ritchard (Kazuya Ryūzaki)The pilot of Daimos and the hero of the series, he was raised by the Izumis after his father’s death. After meeting and falling in love with Erika, he fights for the day when the war will end and they will be reunited, with his strong will of survival motivating him to be victorious. He is a karate black belt and champion (which helps battling the monsters, as Daimos has a system that makes it mimic its pilot’s movements); at age 14 he suffered a terrible accident, but managed to finish his rehabilitation successfully.

Erica is The Brahmin princess, sister of Richter and the true love of Kazuya. Once a royal princess, while accompanying her father Leon and brother Richter to a council meeting with the earth forces, she witnessed her father's death, and, in attempting to calm Richter, accidentally caused Professor Ryuzaki's death. Thus to atone the death of her father she is working as a field nurse while Richter became the admiral for the Brahmin forces against Earth’s. In a space accident she fell out of a burning spaceship and fell to the sea, losing her past memories about herself and what she did. Then in Kazuya's first battle he found her unconscious and by that moment he fell in love with her, unknowing that she is a Brahmin. After she recovers her memory, her guilty conscience becomes the greatest obstacle to their happiness.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kanye West Disses Out Taylor Swift

I know many of you have heard about this. I just want to know your reaction upon this video as Kanye West Disses Out Taylor Swift at theVMA's

You Gotta See This!!

Our eyes serve as the main guide in our daily lives but because of some other factors like aging or other type of eye diseases, there are bigger possibilities that this will result to a low vision, visual impairments and poor eyesight. It’s nice to see that people now are getting more aware with this and are starting to implement some preventive measures to avoid getting poor eyesight. These procedures may include surgery, wearing eyeglasses, medication and wearing contact lenses.
Contact lenses are not just used as a fashion statement but are also used to improve your vision. Millions of people are now considering the use of Contact lenses as an alternative for those bulky eyeglasses. If you are one of the million people who benefit a lot in using contact lenses, well it is time for you to shine get a chance to win premium prizes just by sharing your experiences. iLASIK Video Contest is now inviting their product users to make their own video showing the impact of improved vision. Abbott Medical Optics Inc. created the “You Gotta See This” video contest to know how better vision improved your life.
The rules are very simple, just submit your video, tell your friends to vote for your entry and get a chance to win up to $5000. If you are interested, just visit them at to know more about the details and other prizes.


Happy Grandparents Day!!

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Lola Corazon!!

Grampa Ralph!

Here are some quotes dedicated to all Grandparents!!

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.

The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy.

The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent.

If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.

Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet.

No cowboy was ever faster on the draw than a grandparent pulling a baby picture out of a wallet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recovery Date

If you broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, how will you accept it and how long will it take for you to move on? Ending up a relationship could be one of the toughest decisions in life. There should be an “Acceptance” on both sides. You have to move on and divert yourself from that bad situation and look forward to a better side to attain peace of mind.
It really takes time to heal those wounds you got from your previous relationship but it doesn’t mean that you have to close your doors and never let yourself enter a new relationship. You should stay strong and happy, never lose hope and always stay positive

This is what my friend did after she broke up with her boyfriend. She never let her emotions make her down. After she moved on, she began dating other guys. She also tried online dating and hoping that someday she will find the right man for her.
Speaking of online dating, I have heard that there is a site that is dedicated for someone like her who’s looking for a clean and sober relationship. RecoveryDate is the first ever online dating website that helps you find friends in no time. will let you communicate with other people online who have the same problem.
God always have His reason for everything. Bad experiences will help us grow stronger and wiser in life especially in making out decisions before entering a new relationship


Tuesday, September 15, 2009





Anna is a powerful shaman. However, unlike Yoh, she doesn't get possessed by spirits. She is an Itako, a special kind of Shaman who can call spirits from heaven and banish spirits to hell.
Anna saved Yoh from mega spirit trouble when they were younger. She told him that she wanted him and nothing else, so he said oaky, she saved him, and is now his fiancee.
Now Anna is Yoh's trainer for the Shaman Fights. She can be so evil to him, but little by little, she shows that she truly loves him
you cannot see her smiling
based on an Anime Forum
Anna was the one oftenly mistaken as lesbian



Taiga is a girl in Ryūji's class. She has a well-regulated and beautiful appearance though is unable to stomach company f
rom others. Due to her often snapping at others in brutal ways and her short stature, she is given the nickname "Palmtop Tiger"
Her under-developed body and the added nickname has given her a complex which in turn serves to give her a negative attitude and facial expression. Essentially, Taiga gets upset easily and is considerably clumsy.



Haruka is a stubborn, protective individual, but is also strong-willed, capable, charming, and occasionally even doting. She is formally introduced in the third story arc, although she appears in silhouette alongside Sailor Neptune in the final episode of Sailor Moon R
Haruka is a racecar driver, even though she is barely sixteen years old when she appears. However, the timing of her birthday to the Japanese school year means she is one grade ahead of the Guardian Senshi.
Among fans in North America, Haruka and Michiru are among the most famous out lesbian
characters in anime. Haruka is also extremely flirtatious and loves to tease pretty girls who sometimes mistake her gender due to Haruka's tomboyish behavior. In the manga, she even kisses Usagi
Although her relationship with Michiru is not implicitly sexual until later in the series, their romantic situation is referred to early on and generally understood by most of the metaseries' characters fairly quickly. The creator of the manga, Naoko Takeuchi, also explicitly mentioned this at San Diego Comic Con 1998. It is sometimes a source of good natured humor, particularly because few of the other Senshi have serious romantic prospects in comparison and because the otherwise flirtatious Haruka finds it impolite to discuss romantic matters in public. All fan rumors about Haruka being a man, the reincarnation of one, or a hermaphrodite, are untrue. Naoko Takeuci has explicitly stated that "Haruka has always been a girl. Always will be."
Besides her relationship with Michiru, Haruka is also close friends with Setsuna because the three of them work closely together as Outer Senshi. Following the destruction of the Death Busters and the rebirth of Sailor Saturn as an infant, they vow to be her family and care for her. Later story arcs show that the four live together happily for some time. Nothing about Haruka's family life is ever discussed, although she and Michiru Kaioh appear noticeably wealthy by unknown means. In the manga, Haruka says that she and Michiru have "wealthy patrons." Haruka is the target of sexism in episode 98 of the anime, but never of homophobia.



Cheeky Angel is a comedy romance manga series by Hiroyuki Nishimori. It focuses on the adventures of a 15-year old schoolgirl Megumi Amatsuka, a popular and beautiful tomboy with a secret: she used to be male. Originally a serial in Shonen Sunday, it has been collected in 20 tankobon volumes and adapted as a 50-episode anime series. In 2001, the manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen.
Age of nine, Megumi was a typical boy, rampant wild loud and so on...he dreamt to be the manliest of men... and did everything to become so... one day saves a man being chased and attacked by a gang of other children, which was then realized... a sorcerer. In return, he receives a magic book that would grant him wishes. Megumi being the man that he is... wished to become the manliest man on earth or the man of men. Pierrot, the jester/genie in the book tells him he can and may grant the wish... for the first time is always free, he appears to do what Megumi had asked, but turns out to be a trickster: Megumi becomes a woman of women instead of man of men, Pierrot claiming to have misheard the wish as "woman among women".so left Megumi in rage and bewilderment... the first time is always free the second comes at a would cost 10 years of Megumi's life to reverse it, and as an act of rage she throws the book into a river. Little did she know that after being transformed into a woman she cant be returned to a male without the book, so begins her quest to retrieve it and reverse the spell that has befallen



At age 22, Forte Stollen is first lieutenant and squad leader of the Galaxy Angels. A strong and brusque woman, she often leads the Angels into combat to victory, and usually gets their mission objectives completed. Her most notable characteristics are her above-average height and strength, large breasts prominently displayed by her elegant dress, superior marksmanship and knowledge of firearms, and left-eye monocle.
Forte's life is rather complex and immersed in neverending conflict. She first learned how to use guns as a child trying to survive in the city where gunfights were frequent. A chance encounter with Huey O. Volcott brought her into the military academy and out of the harsh urban environment. In her military career prior to assignment to the Angels she served as infantry, her most notable role being the neutralization of experimental killer robots gone awry. At some point later on, however, she joined a revolutionary organization and fought for them before leaving.
Forte, as Ranpha once put it, is a "man among women." She has a rough personality, believing in the virtues of brute force and generally leaping into things without much of a plan. Prone to violence, she often beat people up when annoyed or sometimes point her gun at others. She keeps a massive collection of firearms and artillery in her room and underneath her dress, her most favorite piece being a revolver she keeps at her side. Fond of drink, Forte often spends her free time chugging alcohol when not cleaning her guns. She is also prone to spending great deals of money at casinos.
After her service in the Galaxy Angels, at age 26 Forte was given command of a battleship and had personally trained Lily C. Sherbet to lead the next generation of Angels.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Second Blogoversary!!

I'am so proud for my self for reaching 2 consecutive years in blogging. Yup! I've been into blogging for exactly two years! My very first blog is my "Top Five" which is formerly called "Bluedreamer's Paradise".
After few months, i've created another 2 blogs; Pinoy Alphabet and Scene to Remember, both of them are sticking only into one theme Pinoy Alphabet will let you know everything about Filipino in an alphabet way while Scene To Remember is all about inspiring movies.

One month after, i created a very unusual blog which i called "World of Creeps" that features horror/ suspense movies. From Chucky of Child's Play to Freddie Krueger of Nightmare in Elm Street"

While facebook is not that popular in the Philippines, i used to become active with my Friendster Blog which was entitled "Bluedreamer's Confession". This blog was intended to encourage my friends into blogging.

The time that Tags, Memes and Blog Awards are very popular, i decided to create a blog all for them. I called it "All for Tags, Tags for All"

But After few months "All for Tags, Tags for All" changed its title to "Just an Avid Fan". The main theme of the blog featured celebrities that i am a big fan of.

Few months after, i decided to create "Entablado", a blog written in my own language and it is my very own novel made out of 20 chapters.

After a year, major changes had been made to my blogs.
"Pinoy Alphabet" change its theme to Philippines' current news and events and later change its title to "Philippine TV Marathon"
While Scene To Remember was changed to "Song To Remember". The main theme changed from Movies to everything about Music.

I decided to delete my Just an Avid Fan because of a very low popularity.

I created a blog for all my Interesting Blog Awardees and named it as "Breaking the Boundaries"

My "Entablado" got major changes. The Title was changed to "Super Blog", a blog about super heroes.

few months later, i created a blog that will serve as my personal diary entitled "Simply Blue"

I decided to create a new blog entitled "Tv Marathon" as an extension of my "Philippine Tv Marathon"
"Philippine Tv Marathon" changed its title to "Online Journey" and the theme was change from Tv and movie reviews to Book, games, and gadget reviews.

My "Top Five" remained on its own theme while "Breaking the Boundaries" start sharing inspiring articles and stories.

I also made my "Positive Thinker" blog to teach some ways towards positive thinking.

I gave my "Simply Blue"blog to my younger sister and change its title to "Our Little Corners"

I created "Blog Idol", a Blog for my Blog Idol Competition and served as an official page for all my blog idol participants

Recently, i got three new websites with an owned domain. (not under blogspot)
Blue Dreamer is a site that give focus to Health, Home, Fashion and Living
Feed Your Mind is all about Foods, Drinks, Health and more
while My Adventures is all about my personal interest including my articles and more.

I also created "The Comic Series" blog, my first ever Web Comic

My "world of creeps" changed its title to "Just Buzzing" and transported all my creeps to "World Of creeps 2"

Oh i have a new site entitled "My daily Newsstand" too
whew, so that is my blogging history
Happy Second Blogoversary to me!! cheers

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