Thursday, January 31, 2013

I learned My Lesson!

How do you deal with runny nose? Is there any EFFECTIVE remedy out there so that I can get rid of this immediately. Haha I'm telling you I did all the possible solution and in fact I learned a very important lesson two days ago. Unlike clogged nose, Runny nose is something you can't hide at all. The excess mucus or fluid (for a much better term), drops down from your nose and you can even barely feel that it's running down unless you have your tissue or hanky ready to cover your nose. I'm not really good at medicine and I don't know which one should I take so I asked my mom to help me. She told me to buy a NEOCEP and so I did but since I haven't taken any meals yet, i decided to take the medicine later after our lunch.
Unfortunately, after our lunch, i forgot  where did I place my med and while looking for it, here comes my father telling me to drink more water instead as it is an effective way to get rid of my runny nose. Sounds encouraging to me and so I did. I drunk almost 10 glasses straight hoping for some fast reaction but it didn't helped me at all.
I went over again to my mom, desperately asking for her help. I'm telling you guys I am the type of guy who used to react exaggeratedly over a simple condition. I told her that I can barely breath (as if i was dying LOL).. she gave me this ointment called Betet. It's a green balm and it has this strong mint smell that i hate the most. Mom told me to rub some amount on my palm and simply smell it and it will surely ease my burden.
Yikes! I smell like a granny LOL. Oh and it really works! The runny nose will gone for a bit after inhaling the scent and I was pretty impressed. I asked my mom if i can put it directly inside my nose for a longer effect. My mom told me not to do such thing because i may not be able to withstand the pain. I am really in doubt about that ... come on! how can it be so painful? It's just a minty ointment and I'm sure it only feels like rubbing a toothpaste on your skin right?
I saw Mecoy on my room using my pc and i decided to approach him too. I asked him if it's really okay if I put the ointment directly on my nose. He told me that " if I were you, i will not". Seriously? Well, we can never tell unless we try, i said.  And so I put it directly on my nose.
Wow... love the minty cold........ so good........ so burning...... WHAT? it's BURNING LIKE HELL!!!!!!
Every time I exhale, it burns so bad. Oh God... i was in panic....oh and Mecoy too. I rushed over my mom. She told me to wash my nose with soap and water. And so I did.... Aaaaah! not working !! It's still burning. 
Mecoy gave me some tissue to wipe out the ointment (oh that make sense)... and so I did...
Oh no! still the same ... Warrrrrgggggg
Mom told me to get some crashed ice and so i did (again). Well, it worked!! I breath over the crashed ice and I feel no burning sensation at all but after taking it out for awhile. it started to burn again so  I moved my head back until the ice melts. While still feeling a bit painful, i grabbed that opportunity to sleep and I woke up perfectly fine. Haha so it is an effective remedy after all. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I really had a blissful year last 2012. Oh well, i had some serious health issues but I managed to survived and I am really thankful that God gave me a second chance to live. The gap between me and my father was finally solved and I managed to forgive and forget everything that we've been through for the past five years. I had a wonderful job and been promoted as an officer in charge and then after leaving the company gracefully, i had this wonderful online job that pays me really well. I started to have my small business too and even though I am not really focusing that much yet, it is still a great milestone for me. Above all, aside from being emotionally and financially stable, I am so happy that I am also spiritually blessed. My faith in Him become a lot stronger and I thank Him for giving me another chance to change my life for good. I used to blame Him before for all the miseries that I had in my life, without even realizing that I am focusing much on all the bad things rather than those good things that happened in my life. I am really really grateful for this and I promised to never bring Him down again. I would like to fill myself with full of positivity and I want to welcome this year that way. This year is going to be another blast!
As what I mentioned above, I started to build a small business and I am planning to focus more on this one and make it grow. You all know how I love to make art crafts with my brother and we used to have these figures made from clay and I was fascinated by a Youtube video, showcasing some wonderful crafts made from Polymer so I took the opportunity to learn such craft by attending a workshop. I also purchased a starter kit online thru and even though I do not know much about the process of clay baking, I decided to take the risk and so I came up with a nice outcome.
I might organize a blog contest soon and give such prizes to the winners but before that, here's one amazing contest that you guys might want to join. 

I am happy to announce that (in partnership with Nuffnang), is currently having a contest that allows one lucky blogger to win a 50,000Php worth of GC!!!!
Oh wait! There's more!! Five lucky readers (commenters) will be picked via electronic raffle from that winner blogge. Each lucky reader will win Php 10,000 worth of GCs!!
Well, the mechanics are very simple. All you need to do is to visit, pick 10 Items from their site that you think you must have this year. Leave a comment here containing your Facebook profile url and the ten items from together with their links.The format should be this way!

Step 1 : Visit
Step 2: Browse for the Ten Items that you desired to buy this Year
Step 3: Copy the Links (URL or the Short URL of the ads)
Step 4: Leave your comment by following the format above.
To make it easier, you can simply copy the text below and fill it up with your answers

Now, allow me to share my very own 10 SULIT MUST HAVES to start my year right. Since I am planning to focus more on my upcoming business and I would to make it grow, my top most priority are those items that I can absolutely use for my business. What makes this polymer clay business more interesting is the fact that the capital you will need is not that big. So for those who are planning to start a business this year, this one is absolutely a great way to begin. So let's start shall we.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Finally! Here's my very first entry for this year! Just to set some expectations, most of my upcoming lists will be done subjectively so if you have any suggestions or "violent" reactions, feel free to do so and it will be well appreciated. Anyway, let's move to my entry. I am so hooked with "Walking Dead" recently and I find it really interesting. I love zombie films but I hate anything that relates to ghosts and spirits (isn't weird?). This fascination gave my an idea to come up with this entry. Everyone is buzzing about this Zombie Apocalypse and whether it will occur someday or not, have you ever imagine yourself in such horrifying situation? The list below are the things that I thought would be very ideal to do during the apocalypse.


Okay so your a team leader huh! In this time of crisis, you must always come up with an effective plan or a strategy to survive but keep in mind that things will not always go exactly how you planned it. You should come up with Plan B, C, D or an endless idea if things went wrong. Always ask yourself, how if you do this and that and how are you going to deal with it? Are you going to run, hide or pretend like a zombie like what Shaun did in Shaun of the Dead or like what Glenn and Rick did in one of the Walking Dead's early episodes. Also expect the unexpected and be ready. If all things didn't worked out, well ... good luck!

 I'm sure you wouldn't dare to be in this kind of situation without anything to protect you. It is always very ideal to arm yourself with powerful weapons but if we go into reality, we all know that it is barely possible. We could probably have a weapon or two but make sure that you have enough ammo. It's not like games that we can hit enemies endlessly and not everyone can wield weapons so might read some books now and be prepared. Apart from the weapon, you must also equip yourself with first aid kits, well not unless you got bitten by a zombie because it would be useless to treat such would and you know the fact that you will become one of them eventually. First aid kits are ideal if someone among your group is suffering from any types of Human sickness. And of course, you also have to arm yourself with one of the human's basic necessities, FOOD. You might not be killed by a zombie but you will definitely die from starvation. Yikes.

 Come on! We've seen this all the time in most movies and I hope you are intelligent enough to know that it has never been safe to go alone. Separating ways has never been a good and effective idea. Remember how Terri Morales got killed in Resident Evil Apocalypse? Alice gave her a gun and ask her team to search for the missing kid separately. In the end, she didn't even get a chance to fire her gun. Poor girl! Oh and if you here some unusual sound from somewhere, never ever check it alone. Ask for a company and figure out the mystery in group, at least, someone else can protect you in case of an unexpected attack from the zombies right? 
Apart from this, do not give your 100% trust to someone. Keep in mind that this is an apocalypse and everyone is fighting for their lives to survive. You cannot trust anyone that they can always protect you at your back. You wouldn't know, they're probably using you as a decoy or something.

 Being Careless is big No No during this crisis. Keep in mind that zombies can smell your human scent everywhere and thus, you have to prepared yourself for a surprise attack. If you are going to take your shower or make a pee, do not place your weapon on random locations. Always have it beside you since you can never tell where and when the zombies will attack. How many movie and tv characters have been killed because they left their weapon somewhere or when they let their guard down. Be alert physically and mentally and get ready for some action. If you're tired, take some nap but do not overslept, otherwise, you will be killed.

I know it sounds crazy but I always believe that being on a yacht or boat is the safest place during this crisis. Well, first, you are barely unreachable. Secondly, you have abundant source of foods and water (not unless fishes become zombies too). And third, you don't have to worry if someone is hiding on a bush or someone is lurking on the corner of a room. Well, unless zombies can swim like those we've seen from Resident Evil Retribution but I guess it is barely possible to happened.
Or better yet, be on a mountain where less of the zombies can reach you. They said that being on a convenient store is a nice idea but keep in mind that these establishments are made out of glass windows so it has never been so safe at all.

If things went worst and you can do nothing more, well, better kill yourself other than turning yourself into a flesh and brain eating zombies. Yikes!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's a New Beginning!

Heya! Wow, this would be my first post for this year and my first post after my blogging hiatus. I will try my best to catch things up and I know I have missed a lot here. I would like to welcome this year with a blast but I am going to take it slowly but surely. I was so overwhelmed by the things that happened to me last year and my job ate most of my time, taking me out from the blogosphere. Well, I am working online but it didn't give me much time to update my blogs.
I would like to say sorry for not visiting your blogs lately but I promise to bring my blogging routine back. I can't promise that it would be daily just like what I used to but at least once or twice a week will do. I prepared some drafts so that I can post it here without taking much time. I will try to update my blogroll too so if you guys changed your url or something or if you got new blogs, kindly inform me so that I add your link here.
As you can see, I changed my layout too as a part of my "comeback" if that's how you called it. It is a new beginning for me indeed. Wow, i didn't even realized that Blogger's text editor has changed and guess what, i didn't like it that much. I still prefer the old interface.
Oh, and did I mention that I am so proud of Mecoy who is now an active blogger. He is my half-brother actually but that's a long story to be told but I am happy for him.
So what are the things to expect from my blog this year? Well, I am planning to continue my Top Five entries but above that, I will try to make this blog more personal so kindly expect to read some random posts here. Most of my Top Five entries will become more subjective too.
It was so frustrating that I failed to have the Blog Idol competition last year and believe me I am so devastated that time and i even tried to kill myself (just kidding) hehe. Hopefully, we could bring it back much earlier this year.
Anyway, thank you guys for your support. Happy blogging and have a great day (whoah I missed that phrase hehe)

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