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I really had a blissful year last 2012. Oh well, i had some serious health issues but I managed to survived and I am really thankful that God gave me a second chance to live. The gap between me and my father was finally solved and I managed to forgive and forget everything that we've been through for the past five years. I had a wonderful job and been promoted as an officer in charge and then after leaving the company gracefully, i had this wonderful online job that pays me really well. I started to have my small business too and even though I am not really focusing that much yet, it is still a great milestone for me. Above all, aside from being emotionally and financially stable, I am so happy that I am also spiritually blessed. My faith in Him become a lot stronger and I thank Him for giving me another chance to change my life for good. I used to blame Him before for all the miseries that I had in my life, without even realizing that I am focusing much on all the bad things rather than those good things that happened in my life. I am really really grateful for this and I promised to never bring Him down again. I would like to fill myself with full of positivity and I want to welcome this year that way. This year is going to be another blast!
As what I mentioned above, I started to build a small business and I am planning to focus more on this one and make it grow. You all know how I love to make art crafts with my brother and we used to have these figures made from clay and I was fascinated by a Youtube video, showcasing some wonderful crafts made from Polymer so I took the opportunity to learn such craft by attending a workshop. I also purchased a starter kit online thru and even though I do not know much about the process of clay baking, I decided to take the risk and so I came up with a nice outcome.
I might organize a blog contest soon and give such prizes to the winners but before that, here's one amazing contest that you guys might want to join. 

I am happy to announce that (in partnership with Nuffnang), is currently having a contest that allows one lucky blogger to win a 50,000Php worth of GC!!!!
Oh wait! There's more!! Five lucky readers (commenters) will be picked via electronic raffle from that winner blogge. Each lucky reader will win Php 10,000 worth of GCs!!
Well, the mechanics are very simple. All you need to do is to visit, pick 10 Items from their site that you think you must have this year. Leave a comment here containing your Facebook profile url and the ten items from together with their links.The format should be this way!

Step 1 : Visit
Step 2: Browse for the Ten Items that you desired to buy this Year
Step 3: Copy the Links (URL or the Short URL of the ads)
Step 4: Leave your comment by following the format above.
To make it easier, you can simply copy the text below and fill it up with your answers

Now, allow me to share my very own 10 SULIT MUST HAVES to start my year right. Since I am planning to focus more on my upcoming business and I would to make it grow, my top most priority are those items that I can absolutely use for my business. What makes this polymer clay business more interesting is the fact that the capital you will need is not that big. So for those who are planning to start a business this year, this one is absolutely a great way to begin. So let's start shall we.

This is exactly what I purchased last year and one good thing about is the fact that you can get the best deal ever. The purchase can be done in so many ways depending on the seller. The payment method can be done through bank to bank transactions, paypal, meet ups or credit cards. Polymer Clay Starter Kit is indeed an important item for me especially now that I am running out of stocks. Polymer are bakeable clays and unlike those oil-base modeling clays, they do not melt when being heated and in fact, they get become hard like plastic which makes this item ideal for making accessories, charms, and action figures but of course, you must apply some sort of creativity to come up with a great outcome. Oh aside from the Clay, the kit comes up with random tools and materials you need to make an accessory including earring studs, rings, and more.

I haven't tried this one yet but I am always aiming to. If you are already in this Polymer Clay crafting industry, you will surely know how important this item is. Easy Mold is a self dry  mold maker which is really necessary for a clay maker to create multiple copies of his work. It will make you more productive. Interestingly, most of the sellers in, offer some inviting deals including the Free Shipping fees. Very convenient indeed.

One good thing about is that, you cannot just find items but they also cater several services like this one.  I surely know the Polymer Clay Craft basics but i still have lots of areas to improve. I tend to overbake my creations and I really want to achieve the perfection and I guess this workshop will definitely help me a lot to improve my skills. Interestingly, the workshop comes up with free starter kit and it will take a whole day to learn those things from accessory to Chibi  making. Oh and they also offer free snack so I guess the money is truly worth it

Okay, this is not related to my Polymer Clay Business but as what I mentioned above, I want my business to grow so why not expand your services right? If there's one great addition to my shop, I would like to have this 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine Package. I bet my business would most likely become a Personalized Gift shop someday. Heat Press Machine is a combo package and it's quite expensive too but that's pretty okay knowing that you can use it for such a long time. Remember my Blog Idol Tee prize last 2011? That gave me an idea to include this machine in this list. The package includes a Heavy Heat press machine for T shirts, Mug Press Press for personalized mugs, laminating machine , button pin maker and more. It also include some supplies for you get started. Another advantage about is that it allows the sellers and buyers communicate with each other and establish a long term relationship especially for an expensive item like this. 


In order to make the Heat Press business possible, you need to have a CISS ready printer and I just found a great deal here at sulit. The Sellers used to provide all the specification comprehensively to guide the buyer before purchasing the item. Epson is by far the most trusted brand of Printers so I have no doubt about it. You can also contact the seller for further assistance. 

Now that I came up with a great business plan, I need to come up with a great strategy to promote my business effectively. Internet is a great market place to showcase my crafts and of course, I am planning to make my own account soon to showcase my business online. However, the computer that I have right now is exclusively used for my work and so I need a laptop to manage my online shop more effectively. Orders will keep on coming (I hope) and I have to entertain my possible buyers by answering their queries as fast as possible. I will be needing it for the Heat press Machine too because I have to transfer my customer's preferred design to the CISS Ready printer.

Of course, I need to showcase my items in a very inviting way and thus, I need a good camera to capture these images. To be honest, I am not a Gadget Savvy guy and I even rarely use my cellphone. I know most of you will advise me to buy a DSLR camera instead but I don't think I can manage to own one yet and I find it quite complicated too, A bridge camera like this GE x500 is absolutely a great start. It has 15x Optical zoom and it's not really that expensive. Oh I can also use this for my blogs and share my travel experiences in the future. I'm just tired of using my Cellphone camera and the blurry or pixelated images it produce. Sigh. 

Okay, this has nothing to deal with my business plan but if there's one Sulit Item that I must have this year, this would be it. I am a big fan of One Piece and I can hardly get an action figure of the whole crew. One make more interesting is the fact that you can search not just business minded people but you will get a chance to encounter avid collectors from Action figures, comics, toys and more. It is a perfect opportunity to find those rare items like this.

Yes! It's one of my Target this year. I am a game enthusiast and I badly need this gadget to catch up with the latest games today. I have heard that Resident Evil 6 is up and I am so eager to play this game. I know that they will release their Windows version soon but playing this game with PS3 is truly a satisfying gaming experience. I wouldn't mind if it's a second hand as long as it's working okay. Just look at this very inviting price below. I hope I'm not too late to grab this deal because upon searching the comment box of this page, it seems that a lot of buyers are interested about the offer. Oh please oh please oh please be mine!!!

I am done with Pittacus Lore's I am number Four series and I have to venture to another one and I am so eager to read the Suzanne Collins' Hunger Game Series. Hopefully I can finish both of the Hunger Game and Catching Fire before the release date of the film's second installment this year. Wish me luck!

Okay so there's my list, now I want to hear yours. What are the 10 Sulit Must haves to start your year right? 
I want the items above so bad and you guys can make it possible. Please respond with a valid comment entry. Simply copy the text I provided above and fill it up. Who knows, you could be one of the lucky winners of 10,000 worth of GCs ? To keep yourself updated about this contest, you might want to follow on their official Facebook Fan page and Twitter page.
Have a great day guys and happy blogging. 

* If you have any questions on how to submit a valid comment entry, kindly ask me here or through my facebook account. Good luck for all of us!

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