Thursday, January 31, 2013

I learned My Lesson!

How do you deal with runny nose? Is there any EFFECTIVE remedy out there so that I can get rid of this immediately. Haha I'm telling you I did all the possible solution and in fact I learned a very important lesson two days ago. Unlike clogged nose, Runny nose is something you can't hide at all. The excess mucus or fluid (for a much better term), drops down from your nose and you can even barely feel that it's running down unless you have your tissue or hanky ready to cover your nose. I'm not really good at medicine and I don't know which one should I take so I asked my mom to help me. She told me to buy a NEOCEP and so I did but since I haven't taken any meals yet, i decided to take the medicine later after our lunch.
Unfortunately, after our lunch, i forgot  where did I place my med and while looking for it, here comes my father telling me to drink more water instead as it is an effective way to get rid of my runny nose. Sounds encouraging to me and so I did. I drunk almost 10 glasses straight hoping for some fast reaction but it didn't helped me at all.
I went over again to my mom, desperately asking for her help. I'm telling you guys I am the type of guy who used to react exaggeratedly over a simple condition. I told her that I can barely breath (as if i was dying LOL).. she gave me this ointment called Betet. It's a green balm and it has this strong mint smell that i hate the most. Mom told me to rub some amount on my palm and simply smell it and it will surely ease my burden.
Yikes! I smell like a granny LOL. Oh and it really works! The runny nose will gone for a bit after inhaling the scent and I was pretty impressed. I asked my mom if i can put it directly inside my nose for a longer effect. My mom told me not to do such thing because i may not be able to withstand the pain. I am really in doubt about that ... come on! how can it be so painful? It's just a minty ointment and I'm sure it only feels like rubbing a toothpaste on your skin right?
I saw Mecoy on my room using my pc and i decided to approach him too. I asked him if it's really okay if I put the ointment directly on my nose. He told me that " if I were you, i will not". Seriously? Well, we can never tell unless we try, i said.  And so I put it directly on my nose.
Wow... love the minty cold........ so good........ so burning...... WHAT? it's BURNING LIKE HELL!!!!!!
Every time I exhale, it burns so bad. Oh God... i was in panic....oh and Mecoy too. I rushed over my mom. She told me to wash my nose with soap and water. And so I did.... Aaaaah! not working !! It's still burning. 
Mecoy gave me some tissue to wipe out the ointment (oh that make sense)... and so I did...
Oh no! still the same ... Warrrrrgggggg
Mom told me to get some crashed ice and so i did (again). Well, it worked!! I breath over the crashed ice and I feel no burning sensation at all but after taking it out for awhile. it started to burn again so  I moved my head back until the ice melts. While still feeling a bit painful, i grabbed that opportunity to sleep and I woke up perfectly fine. Haha so it is an effective remedy after all. 

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