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Friday, February 20, 2009





World Almanac Pictures, Images and Photos

is a well-known American published reference work which conveys information to the general public about such subjects as world changes, tragedies, sports feats, etc. The almanac can be found in homes, libraries, schools, businesses, and media outlets throughout the United States and to a more limited degree in other parts of the world.
It has been published yearly since 1886. The 2006 edition has over 1,000 pages with a suggested U.S. price of $12.95.

The World Almanac was first published in 1886 by the New York World newspaper. After being suspended in 1876, Joseph Pulitzer revived it in 1886. In 1894, the name was changed to The World Almanac and Encyclopedia until 1923 when it became The World Almanac and Book of Facts.
From the late 19th Century to 1934, the New York World Building was prominently featured on the cover of the almanac.
Calvin Coolidge's father read from The World Almanac when he swore his son into office. Since then, photos have shown that Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton have also used The World Almanac as a resource.
The World Almanac used to be bundled with the purchase of the video game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.
The World Almanac For Kids has been published annually since 1995.
The World Almanac is now produced by the World Almanac Education Group, which is owned by The Weekly Reader corporation. The World Almanac is distributed by Simon and Schuster.
Some lists published are:
"World Almanac's Ten Most Influential People of the Second Millennium", 2000
"World Almanac's 25 Most Influential Women in America" (includes Helen Thomas, Gloria Steinem, Jane Bryant Quinn, Mary Cunningham Agee, Erma Bombeck, and Phyllis Schlafly).
Flags of the world shown in color, though the flags are incorrectly shown as all having 3:5 proportions.



guinness world records Pictures, Images and Photos

is a reference book published annually, containing an internationally recognized collection of world records, both human achievements and the extreme of the natural world. The book itself holds a world record, as the best-selling copyrighted series

Recent editions have focused on record feats by human competitors. Competitions range from obvious ones such as weightlifting to the more entertaining such as longest egg-throwing distance or the number of hot dogs that can be consumed in ten minutes - although eating contest and beer and alcohol consumption entries are no longer accepted, possibly for fear of litigation. Besides records about competitions, it contains such facts as the heaviest tumor, the most poisonous plant, the shortest river (Roe River), the longest-running drama (Guiding Light), the longest serving members of a drama series (William Roache for Coronation Street in the UK, Kate Ritchie and Ray Meagher for Home and Away in Australia), the world's most successful salesman (Joe Girard), the most successful reality television musical group (Girls Aloud), and the only brother and sister to have solo number one singles in UK chart history (Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield). Many records also relate to the youngest person who achieved something, such as the youngest person to visit all nations of the world, being Maurizio Giuliano.
Each edition contains a selection of the large set of records in the Guinness database, and the criteria for that choice have changed over the years.



Spelling Book Pictures, Images and Photos

Noah Webster (1758-1843) was the man of words in early 19th-century America. Compiler of a dictionary which has become the standard for American English, he also compiled The American Spelling Book, which was the basic textbook for young readers in early 19th-century America. Before publication of this book in 1783, many schools used Thomas Dilworth's A New Guide to the English Tongue. (Samuel Goodrich learned to read from Dilworth; he thought Webster's book was better.) Webster's book, with its polysyllabic words broken into individual syllables and its precepts and fables, became the favorite. Revised several times by Webster, as the "blue-back speller" it taught generations of Americans how to read and how to spell. (Several books will be of interest to researchers: Defining Noah Webster: Mind and Morals in the Early Republic, by K. Alan Snyder, is a thorough discussion of the social values Webster espoused in his works; A Common Heritage: Noah Webster's Blue-Back Speller, by E. Jennifer Monaghan, is an informative look at the Speller, its history, and Webster; A Bibliography of the Writings of Noah Webster, compiled by Emily Ellsworth Ford Skeel and Edwin H. Carpenter, Jr., is invaluable for identifying copies of the Speller and of Webster's other works.)
Today, the Spelling Book is useless as a children's textbook, but it provides us an example of what Webster thought it important to tell young learners about morality (readers could decide to emulate the "good boy" or the "bad boy") and the principles of American government (members of Congress must be paid because otherwise "none but rich men could afford to serve as delegates," and "there are many men of little property, who are among the most able, wise and honest persons in a state"). The Spelling Book also shows the ways a language can change in 200 years--spelling, for example: "musquetoe"; "potatoe" (which may please fans of a recent American vice-president). And there are hints of the way some early Americans spoke: "angel" had an extra syllable; "negro" was also pronounced "negur." (For the way the language looked 50 years later, see Dictionary of Americanisms.)
Unfortunately, this copy is missing the part of its title page that would tell us who printed it and when. The Spelling Book was by necessity published by various printers in the large cities, who contracted with Webster to produce the book. (See Monaghan for details.) My copy probably was published in Wilmington, Delaware, by Bonsal and Niles. Like the 10th Wilmington edition (1802) described by Skeel and Carpenter (#69), it has 151 pages; editions from other printers are different lengths. My copy also contains the charmingly inelegant woodcuts that appeared in the Bonsal and Niles copies. (See Skeel and Carpenter, plate XI.) And what's left of the title page is exactly like that of the 11th Wilmington edition, reproduced in the Early American Imprints, Second Series (#3518). (That I may have purchased it from a bookseller in Delaware may also be an indicator.)
Fortunately, the publication date may have been provided elsewhere in the book. "For the first few years of publication of the speller," Skeel and Carpenter point out, "the final number in the section 'Of Numbers' was almost always the same as the title-page date in the dated editions, so it has been taken as a strong indication of the year for undated editions." (p. 5) The final number here, on page 108, is 1800. Certainly it was printed after 1790, when the "Federal Catechism" appeared as part of the Spelling Book, and after 1794, when the "Moral Catechism" was added. (See Skeel and Carpenter, #36 and #39.)
If it is the 1800 edition, this would make this one of the earliest copies described of the Wilmington edition. The 10th edition -- the earliest Wilmington edition described by Skeel and Carpenter -- is dated 1802, as is the 11th edition; a recent search on OCLC returned no earlier Wilmington copies than those.



English Chinese Quotations From Chairman Mao Pictures, Images and Photos

Mao Zedong better known in the West as The Little Red Book, has been published by the Government of the People's Republic of China since April 1964. As its title implies, it is a collection of quotations excerpted from Mao Zedong's past speeches and publications. The book's alternative title The Little Red Book was coined by the West for its pocket-sized edition, which was specifically printed and sold to facilitate easy carrying. The closest equivalent in Chinese is literally "The Red Treasured Book", which was a term popular during the Cultural Revolution. "Little Red Book" in Chinese would be
The estimated number of copies in print exceeds 900 million . The book's phenomenal popularity, however, is due to the fact that it was essentially an unofficial requirement for every Chinese citizen to own, to read, and to carry it at all times under the latter half of Mao's rule, especially during the Cultural Revolution. At the height of the period, for people out of favor with the Communist party, the punishment for failing to produce the book upon being asked would range from being beaten on the spot by Red Guards to being given years of hard-labor imprisonment.
During the Cultural Revolution, studying the book was not only required in schools but was also a standard practice in the workplace as well. All units, in the industrial, commercial, agricultural, civil service, and military sectors, organized group sessions for the entire workforce to study the book during working hours. Quotes from Mao were either bold-faced or highlighted in red, and almost all writing, including scientific essays, had to quote Mao.
To defend against the theory that it would be counter-productive, it was argued that understanding Mao's quotes could definitely bring about enlightenment to the work unit, resulting in production improvement to offset the time lost.
During the 1960s, the book was the single most visible icon in mainland China, even more visible than the image of the Chairman himself. In posters and pictures created by CPC's propaganda artists, nearly every painted character, except Mao himself, either smiling or looking determined, was always seen with a copy of the book in his or her hand.



THE HOLY BIBLE Pictures, Images and Photos

The Bible is not just one book, but a whole collection! There are 66 books split into two sections. 39 in the first largest part, called the OLD TESTAMENT. And the second part, the NEW TESTAMENT has 27.
The OLD TESTAMENT covers a sweep of history, from the creation of the world, to about 400 BC. Its books include poetry and history, prophecy and law. But they all tell the story of God's troubled relationship with his people.
The NEW TESTAMENT, also called the 'Injil' in part of the world, covers the amazing life of Jesus, and what followed on. There are four accounts of Jesus' life, called the 'Gospels', written by those who knew Him. Then, in the book called 'Acts' there is the story of how His followers carried His message around the world. Letters to Christian groups follow, many of them written from prison. Finally, some amazing, often frightening, predictions about the end of the world. And the start of something better

It was written over a period of 1600 years.
Written by more than 40 authors of every sort - kings, poor people, fishermen, poets, government officials, teachers, prophets.
Written in three languages.
Written on three continents - Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Is there any other book in daily use by millions of people, around the world, parts of which were written over 3000 years ago, yet which still speaks to us today? There are other writings as old as this, but they are all in museums, and have no relevance to the world today!There are about 6,800 distinct languages in the world, the Bible has been translated (at least in part) into around 3000 of those languages?

Excitement starts with Acobay

Are you looking for something new? I am quite bored to other social networks where I am a member with because they were just intending for a specific reason. Some of them were made for promoting your blogs and your current post, some were created just for you to share your pictures and the rest are history.

I am fond of reading literary books and novels and currently I am reading “Harry Potter”. Unfortunately, no one among my friends knows what’s with Harry Potter’s book and all they knew is about Daniel Radcliffe and how he portrayed Harry Potter in the movie.

Until I discovered Acobay, This site will let you to share what you have such as your latest gadgets and you can also share your hobby and this includes reading and many other things you can discuss under the sun.

I am happy that through this Social network I was able to find new friends. Aside from sharing what you have or sharing your experiences, you can also promote your blog here and advertise what you have in your blog.

Acobay package the entire enjoyment and fun for its users so come and join and feel the excitement brought to us by Acobay.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


hello guys ...
Its been a tough month for me and i failed to visit any blogs and follow my regular routine.
im so sorry for that but then let me inform you that there will be series of changes in most of my blogs including Bluedreamer's top five

March theme will be giving more focus to music and will give more enlightenment on my Fab Music portion where i am about to complete our 4th batch of HitMakers from 60's to the present time

Temporarily we dont have any Interesting Blog of the Month (you can make reviews to our previous IBOTM awardees here) but as a replacement i will be having a new portion called
"SPOT LIGHT" where a guest blogger will wrote an article for us.

we will be Having another exciting event as i bring back the "TOP 5 HOTTEST BLOG MEME(PART 2)" which was held last 2008

breaking the boundaries blog will still give focus for my Re-Posts which i will be choosing to any of my blogs randomly and will give recent updates to our IBOTM awardees

A Scene to Remember will be saying "bye-bye" for now coz i will be changing the whole theme for that blog including the title whch will soon be replace as "A SONG TO REMEMBER" this blog will become a link for mt fab music portion which will give much detailed information about our feature Hitmaker

Pinoy Alphabet will still be active but with some changes it will change its title to PINOY ALPHABET: WHERE EVERY OPINION COUNTS... the focus point for this blog are current events, entertainment and some series of debates.

World of Creeps will still be the same and was about to feature a series of famous movie characters like Omen,Hellraiser,Nocrimadon and more

Entablado will be gone forever as it will be replace as "SUPER BLOG!!" the blog that will feature all much renown heroes

Time for a change
will be the replacement for "Just an Avid Fan blog"
all the tags and memes will be post here... and it will also change the title to "SIMPLY BLUE" this blog is the combition of Just an avid Fan and A scene to remember blogs

Just an Avid Fan will be the start of something new again because i will make this blog ro what i called Blog'O'comics" where i will be posting my own made comics watch out for was entitled

these are the series of changes that will happen this coming March

Have a great time to all

Monday, February 16, 2009

Confident Smile

When I was a kid, I always have problems with my teeth. I was addicted to sweets like candies and chocolates and as a result it gave me cavities. I never give prior in taking care of my teeth at that time without knowing that I will just regret it when I got older. When I reached High school, I was too conscious with my self and I wanted to be presentable and neat in front of other people. I also suffered from severe toothache where my tooth is breaking into pieces. My mom advised me already that the only way to get rid of this situation is too consult a dentist.
When I was a kid, I really don’t like Dentist and doctors due to the fact that I know they will be injecting those sharp and pointed needles before the operation get started.
So I did consult my dentist and he was able to resolve my problem about my teeth.
Healthy teeth will not just give you strength to fight over those cavities but it will also help you to gain confidence within yourself. Remember that healthy teeth will give you a confident smile.
Let me just remind you that you have to be ensured that you are consulting to a trustworthy dentist to prevent yourself against those medical malpractices. Just like what I saw on Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry website. Through visiting their site you will be ensured that you are in good hands.
So every time I feel something bad about my teeth I am now aware that I should consult a dentist in my area in my area from time to time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines my fellow readers!!
here's my special treat for all of you.Since its Valentines day let me give you my list of

Lets tune in with our two pairs who luckily took the fifth spot



(Performed by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams")

lets go to something new,
here's Drew Barrymoore and Hugh Grant with their song



here's another classic love duet performed by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers


going down to our third spot is a very popular sonf which was sang by many artist all over the world


(Popularized by Mark Gray and Tammy Wynette)

Here's one of the most popular Duet which was created for the fictional movie "Zorro"




(Performed by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie)


Promote your blog in such an easy way with Acobay

When i was just a newbie here at the blogosphere, it really took me so long before i was able to have readers for my blog. I tried to search all the possible websites that could help me to popularized my blog. As far as my memory was concern, i think it took me four consecutive months before someone dropped by to visit my site. Not knowing that there are websites designated for blog promotions.
I am so happy that there are websites that can help a blogger like me to advertise my blog in such an easy way. I thought nothing could be more exciting in joining those sites until i discovered Acobay. Acobay is not just a site where you can share what you have in your blog but this is a site that covers all the package not just you as a blogger but you as a consumer, a user, or even a fan.
Through this website you can express what you feel about the product you're using or the services you received. Joining this website will also help you to gain more friends where you can also share some of your experiences.This consumer network will let you share what you have, discuss what you want and more.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


welcome guest! here i am again to feature another hitmaker for my "FabMusic Portion"
but then let me just have a short recap for our third batch of hitmakers

We went 60's with Frank Sinatra last October

We tuned in with The Carpenters as we went 70's last November

Carpenters Singles Pictures, Images and Photos

we went 80's with Madonna last December

Madonna Pictures, Images and Photos

we went down to 90's last month with Celine Dion

celine dion Pictures, Images and Photos

and now to complete the batch let me introduce our hitmaker from the present time


Britney Pictures, Images and Photos

Britney Jean Spears is a Grammy Award-winning American pop singer and entertainer.

Spears is ranked as the eighth best-selling female recording artist in the United States with 31 million sold albums certified by the Recording Industry Association of America and one of the world's best-selling music artists having sold an estimated 85 million records worldwide. Spears also holds the title to multiple Guinness World Records.

now lets go and list down the top five greatest hits from Britney







Electronic Cars

Cars is every man's dream. We will do everything to get our desired Car.
What is an ideal Car? For me I may define an ideal car as a car that you can trust on
in terms of durability, great and smooth speed, comfortable features, and awesome appearance.
And as i have heard about BYD Electric Cars, it seems that it met all those qualification that I'm looking for an ideal cars.More than what I've expect, surprisingly as i went to a site make me think how amazing it was and the features of that Electronic cars was superb.F3DM plug-in hybrid compact car was such a big dream for a man like me.Could you imagine a car with no hassle of carving niches, switching direction and more as we normally did in a typical car?
These Electronic Cars is one of the evidences how technology makes our work more easier and convenient.
Electronic cars like BYD E6 Electric Car might be
one of the solution to lessen our problem in terms of Global warming.
It might be too scientific but its true.Less polluted gasses, more tendency to prevent Global warming.This Blog site offers a lot of information about BYD Electronic cars such as the amazing features of these cars and more.

Addiction is curable

Addiction? how will you define addiction?
well it might be define as an abusive usage of something like
drugs,alcohol or some vises.Most of us thought that addiction was
not curable and and uncontrollable as well.Actually there still some ways how to get rid yourself from addiction.Rehabilitation is the answer.Well i know most of you will thought that once we say
Rehabilitation, we are dealing of putting ourselves in a cage until we realized that we completely remedy the situation.But this is just a misinterpretation about rehab centers and addiction , actually i just found a site that tackles more about what is Rehabilitation for and the true meaning of it and how rehab center helps an individual to get rid of addiction.
Addiction can be cured by having a Peace of mind, relaxing ambiance,
and proper medication.

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