Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Addiction is curable

Addiction? how will you define addiction?
well it might be define as an abusive usage of something like
drugs,alcohol or some vises.Most of us thought that addiction was
not curable and and uncontrollable as well.Actually there still some ways how to get rid yourself from addiction.Rehabilitation is the answer.Well i know most of you will thought that once we say
Rehabilitation, we are dealing of putting ourselves in a cage until we realized that we completely remedy the situation.But this is just a misinterpretation about rehab centers and addiction , actually i just found a site that tackles more about what is Rehabilitation for and the true meaning of it and how rehab center helps an individual to get rid of addiction.
Addiction can be cured by having a Peace of mind, relaxing ambiance,
and proper medication.

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