Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blogging, I Quit!

Blogging for almost 6 years is indeed a big thing for me but i guess everything should come to an end. You know that I've been trying to revive my blog but it seems that there's always something that is pulling me back. I would like to announce that I am going to end my blog now and delete all my other sites due to some important reasons.
I love blogging so much and I am happy that I managed to embrace those wonderful moments that i had for the past six years. I came up with so nice events including the Blog Idol and those Interesting Blog of the Month portions. I made several Top Five list and I came up with not just two but twenty other more blogs apart from this main blog.
But how if people are not treating you the same way they did during my active days in blogging. I haven't been involved in any blogging war at all. Well there are few moments before where i got pissed off with an anonymous blog commenter and there's also a blogger who unfriended me for some unknown reason. Despite of that, i managed to pursue my so called "blogging Career".
It changed my life completely and I am so grateful that everyone always addressed me as a Blogger even my relatives and colleagues.
But who would have thought that EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE BECAUSE OF SOME OFFENSIVE TWEETS I GOT FROM A BLOGGER who i thought would be there to support me but I'm wrong. It is really disappointing and I don't want to make any more trouble. I believe that the best way to get rid of this stressful event is to quit blogging. I am not sure if I am going back but it might take time I guess.
GUYS, YOU'VE BEEN HERE ALL THROUGH OUT AND YOU SUPPORTED ME A LOT AND I am so thankful for making me appreciate my work. It has been a passion to me and this is something that I could never forget.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

High School Memories

I am a frustrated teacher I guess but I'm sure someday I will have enough time to fulfill that dream. My Sister Mirasol just graduated from High school and allow me to grab this opportunity to congratulate her for her hardwork for accomplishing her four years in  High School. I'm not sure yet what course she will be taking soon but I wish her all the best for her next journey.

I actually don't have the best high school memories and I honestly didn't enjoyed it that much. Errrr... I am a geeky one and I used to spend most of my time studying , reading books, and the rest of the things that will certainly please my teachers LOL.

FIRST Year - As a freshman, everything is quite new for me. It was a huge public school and there are more or less 40 different sections for Freshmen. I remember my section was I- Bougainvillea (Section 8). The competition isn't that tough and I managed to do well in my first year. I was elected as our class president in four different subjects and finished it first. It gave me so much confidence indeed.

SECOND Year - Unfortunately I was separated from my previous classmates and I was transferred to II-Atis (Section 2) and here's where the tougher competition arrived. Being in section 2 was a big challenge for me because I am competing against those students who are more competitive than mine LOL. The first grading period was the lamest time of my life as a student and I even got a failing grade of 76 for my Algebra. Yikes...It became a wake up call for me to make it better and after the second period, I managed to pull my grade up to 85 ^_^. I remember myself being bullied here but i learned that the best way to deal with it is to ignore them.

THIRD Year - I am not as competitive as before and I accepted the fact that my classmates are better than mine but I tried my best to earn satisfying grades. Oh and guess, my classmates was not bullying me anymore and I feel like being valued and respected here. World History has become my most favorite subject here.

FOURTH Year - This was my last year in high school and thing went better more than what I expected it would be. I got my very first recognition since first year for my Civil Technology class and it came to me by surprise. I am probably a late bloomer but this is my first time to realized that I have a crush on someone but I am such a stupid guy who kept it for myself hehe.

If there's one thing that i regret, it is the fact that I never let myself  become closer to anybody else. I have lots of friends but never had a best friend who I can talk to about some personal matters.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Time for another Top Five Entry. Pokemon is probably one of the longest running anime today which tells a story of  Ash Ketchum and his journey to become the greatest Pokemon Master. While he started his journey alone, many people have joined his party while touring the Pokémon world; usually at least one new companion joins—and another leaves—every time a new region is visited. Generally, as of this moment, Ash was accompanied by eight recurring characters and some other companions who joined him in his travel temporarily. Listed below are five of my favorite Ash's companions. Have fun!


Cilan is one of Ash's current companions. He came from Striaton City. He was intrigued to see an Axew and remarked that it and Iris seemed to be perfect partners. He then noticed Pikachu and examined it excitedly, having never seen one before. Ash later fought him in a Pokemon Battle to earn the Trio Badge and he was lost. Cilan meets up with Ash at the Pokémon Center and begs him to tell him his battle secrets for future reference as a Connoisseur. After spending the day with Ash and Iris, Cilan decided to accompany them on Ash's journey, serving as the navigation as well as the cook. Cilan is an A-class Pokémon Connoisseur who can see the compatibility between a Pokémon and its Trainer.As a Connoisseur, he can read into people's personalities and often finds the best ways to approach them. He's patient and caring towards Ash and Iris, often offering them advice when they don't know what to do. While he has been shown to lose his temper, he quickly moves on and will go out of his way to make up for it. He tends to be an optimist looking at things positively rather than wallowing in defeat.

Misty , as we all know, is the first ever person who decided to accompany Ash in his journey but her purpose was ostensibly to get Ash to replace her bicycle, which he had accidentally destroyed when they first met. However, Misty often seemed to have forgotten about the bicycle, indicating that her real reason for following along was that she simply wanted to remain with her friends. Misty is the youngest of four sisters who live in the Cerulean Gym. Fed up with her more glamorous older sisters, Misty left the Gym with the goal of becoming the world's greatest Water Pokémon Trainer. Misty can be sweet and optimistic at times, but she is best known for how easily she can be angered, crazy, or frustrated, and how loud and violent she can become in response.  Interestingly, May (Advance Generation series) and Dawn (Diamond and Pearl) share some similarities with Misty especially when they first met Ash. (Ash accidentally destroyed their Bicycles). 

Apart from her weird hairstyle, Iris is notable as one of Ash's recent companions along with Cilan.Iris was born and raised in the Village of Dragons and would spend her time as a little girl playing with the wild Pokémon that lived in the forest just outside the village. Iris is said to be a wild girl who likes to swing on vines and eat berries. Her Pokémon friend Axew travels with her in her hair instead of inside a Poké Ball. She seems to be very hyper in occasions such as climbing up trees very quickly. Iris is very adventurous and bold. Iris is an experienced Trainer and has been in many battles in the past. She has been portrayed as a sort of prodigy in the Village of Dragons too.  

Tracey is a Pokémon watcher who came from Orange Islands. Tracey first appeared in The Lost Lapras when he came upon Ash getting ready to battle three other Trainers. He was impressed by the condition of Ash's Pikachu and decided to take notes. He got to know Ash and Misty better after he helped them save an injured Lapras. After hearing that Ash and Misty knew Professor Oak, his hero, Tracey decided to invite himself to the group.In general, Tracey is a gentle person, and has a hard time saying no to anyone, especially to girls. Tracey is a lot like Brock in many aspects. Like Brock, Tracey does have a very broad knowledge about Pokémon. This has helped him and his friends in their journey many times along the way. Also, similarly to Brock, he seems to have a soft spot for pretty girls, but to a much less extreme degree.  

Brock is a Pokémon Breeder and a former Gym Leader who is a close friend and traveling companion of Ash's. He is an experienced cook and caretaker by nature, so he always makes scrumptious food both for Pokémon and for humans. One of his best known character traits is that he falls in love with every pretty woman he meets, particularly Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. He can tell whether they are real (women) or impostors as well. This "ability" has been used multiple times in the series. He has always held a supporting role in the series, usually contributing more in terms of wisdom and comedic antics than the action and battles of the series. Brock is considered the most mature, wise and level-headed of the main characters, and he is arguably the most intelligent character as well. He often acts as an older brother and caretaker to the other characters and a voice of reason in disputes. He will usually place others before him and will help and support his friends even against his better judgment or at his own expense.
The list above is done subjectively.
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Back When I Was Child

I'm 24 20 years old now and I am not getting any younger indeed but I don't think I am mature enough. I still have this childish behavior that I simply can't let go off but I know for the fact it will fade away soon. I started to take my job  seriously and I am planning to open my own savings account soon for my future. I know that someday I'm going to have my own family and shoulder a lot of responsibilities. If I can only turn back those times when my mind is filled with nothing but innocence and curiosity. I miss those childhood days when all i can think off is nothing but to play. I may not have the best childhood memories but I don't have the worst either. We lost all out childhood pictures and I am grateful enough that my Auntie managed to save some. So allow me to share it with you guys (without any permission with Melvin psssst)
(from left to right : Me , Mecoy, Mirasol and Ichan)
(Ichan  and Me) Ichan is our closest cousin and we all grew up together. 
Yeah look at Mecoy's killer smile muwahaha. 
Busy cleaning my ear
Taken when I was on grade 2 after performing "Kalapati (Dove) Dance" 
(Milzon, Mecoy, Me, and Mirasol)
(Ichan , Milzon (not in the mood), Mecoy, Me. 

Whew, i really miss those days...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This is a remastered entry listed five years ago. My Top Five entries are being remastered due to several reasons. The images might not be working properly anymore; some details should be added or the ranking must be changed.
We grew up watching our favorite cartoons and for nearly sixty years, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera have been creating characters that are cherished and adored by fans everywhere. In the process, they have won more citations and awards (including a record seven Oscars) than virtually any other filmmakers. For the first time, the story of this incredibly successful artistic partnership is told in the lavishly illustrated Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. The deluxe format captures the spirit of these cartoons--from the thirty-inch foldouts to the special acetate cell on the cover depicting some of the all-time favorite characters. Now allow me to list down five of the most well known Hanna Barbera Cartoons
Before we proceed with our list, here are some cartoons that deserve to be mentioned. There are several popular Hanna  Barbera Cartoons who failed to make it on our list but worthy enough to be mentioned including the Jetsons (list on the fifth spot last 2008 [See TOP FIVE MOST WELL KNOWN HANNA BARBERA CARTOONS 2008]), Johny Quest, Captain Planet and Josie and the Pussycats. Upon doing my research an information took by surprise knowing that our favorite cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls were initially produced by Hanna Barbera but later adapted by Cartoon Network.

The Smurfs are popularly depicted as small blue fictional creatures that lives in mushroom houses in a forest. The smurfs was aired on TV since 1981-1990 (NBC) and continued to air on the USA network until 1993, followed by the Cartoon network until 2003. Running for two decades is good enough to prove how popular the series are. Interestingly, they were actually adapted first from a comic series which started since 1958 before they gained international attention. Due to their huge popularity, the cartoon was adapted in several media franchises including video games, amusement parks and even a live ice skating show. In addition to that, the series was adapted into a huge and highly acclaimed animated film last 2011 and a sequel this coming 2015. 


Yogi Bear  is one of Hanna Barbera's signature characters. Interestingly, he made his debut in 1958 as a supporting character in The Huckleberry Hound Show. In 1961 he was given his own show, The Yogi Bear Show, which also included the segments Snagglepuss and Yakky Doodle. Like many Hanna-Barbera characters, Yogi's personality and mannerisms were based on a popular celebrity of the time. Art Carney's Ed Norton character on The Honeymooners was said to be Yogi's inspiration. Yogi's name is a nod to the famed baseball star Yogi Berra. he plot of most of Yogi's cartoons centered around his antics in the fictional Jellystone Park, a takeoff on the famous Yellowstone National Park. Yogi is usually accompanied by his reluctant best friend Boo Boo, would often try to steal picnic baskets from campers in the park, much to the chagrin of Park Ranger Smith. Yogi Bear was also adapted in an animated film last 2010.  

Yabba Dabba Dooooo!! Well who among us is not aware of that phrases? The Flintstones is about a working class Stone Age man's life with his family and his next door neighbor and best friend. The first prime time cartoon geared for adults, the show originally aired from 1960 to 1966. The Flintstones was the most financially successful network animated franchise for three decades, until The Simpsons debuted. Several series and spin offs were made afterwards. In fact, due to its huge popularity, the series was adapted into a live action film last 2000. Smurfs and Yogi Bear has their own 3D Animated films and I guess Flintones deserve the same treatment. That's really something to look forward to right?

Scooby-Doo is a long-running American animated series produced for Saturday morning television in several different versions from 1969 to the present. The original series, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, was created for Hanna-Barbera. Hanna-Barbera produced numerous spin-offs and related works until being absorbed in 1997 into Warner Bros. Animation, which has handled production since then. Although the format of the show and the cast (and ages) of characters have varied significantly over the years, the most familiar versions of the show feature a talking dog named Scooby-Doo and four teenagers: Fred "Freddie" Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers. These five characters (officially collectively known as "Mystery, Inc.", but never referred to as such in the original series) drive around the world in a van called the "Mystery Machine", and solve mysteries typically involving tales of ghosts and other supernatural forces. At the end of each episode, the supernatural forces turn out to have a rational explanation, typically criminal plots involving costumes, latex masks and special effects intended to frighten or distract. Just like most of the Hanna Barbera cartoons, the series was also adapted into various live action and 3d animated films. It was also adapted in several media franchises including video games.  

Tom and Jerry was considered as the most successful and one of the longest-running series of theatrical short subjects created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The cartoons centered around a never-ending rivalry between a housecat (Tom) and a brown mouse (Jerry), whose chases and battles often involved comic violence. The original series is notable for having won the Academy Awards for Best Short Subject (Cartoons) seven times, tying it with Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies as the most-awarded theatrical animated series. Today, Warner Bros. owns the rights to Tom and Jerry, and produces the series Tom and Jerry Tales. The plots of each short usually center on Tom's frustrated attempts to catch Jerry, and the mayhem and destruction that ensues. Tom rarely succeeds in catching Jerry, mainly because of Jerry's cleverness and cunning abilities, but sometimes because of Tom's own stupidity.

How about you.. what's your favorite Hanna Barbera Cartoons?
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Green Thumb

Green Thumb is something you can never describe me at. The last time that I managed to grow a plant was when my Science teacher asked us to plant monggo (mung bean) seed on a damp cotton  as a part of our Science experiment. Almost all the plants that i planted died after a few days despite of providing all their basic necessity including water, sunlight and even those natural fertilizers. Good thing this is not a curse that is running to our family (right Mecoy?) LOL because my father managed to grow a lot of plants and they even bear healthy fruits as well. 

 How does it feels like picking some fresh tomatoes directly from these plants? Apart from this, he's starting to grow some bitter gourd  too. What a Green thumb he is indeed! Yikes, the only place that I managed to grow not just one but an ample amount of fruit bearing plants is when i am in an isolated island of Robinson (an Iphone app)
Take this my father!! haha See, i managed to grow a hectare of tomatoes after seven hours!!! 

Have a great day guys and Happy blogging!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I am a big fan of Walking Dead series and please allow me to express my fascination by having this list. What I love about the series is the fact that the entire plot is truly unpredictable and even the characters who are involved. You can never tell which of them will survive and it's really nice to see how their characters grow all through out the series. I love  how the story has gone so far and I am really not expecting that some of the characters will evolve that way. Anyway, allow me to feature five of my favorite characters from the series so far. 

From being a funny and clumsy guy, Glenn's character has evolved drastically, transforming him into a leader type personality. I actually prefer his funny side back from the early season but i understand the fact that he needs to grow and he has to become strong in order to survive. Having an Asian in the series , even though I am not a Korean, makes me feel proud at some point. The excitement I felt for him is the same excitement that i felt for Hiro Nakamura of Heroes. In addition to that, he adds some sort of variety to the group. However, if Glenn will continue to become so serious, the series will have no any comic relief to offer and that is quite unfavorable. The personality of his character is becoming strong and dominant especially when it comes to Maggie. However,  If it goes like that for the entire season, i would rather go for Carl who is starting to amaze me that despite of being a kid, he can manage to wield a weapon like a pro. 


Skill wise, I know that most of you guys will rather consider Maggie on this spot but I am a big Carol fan and I love her character so much. Her character is slowly progressing and I love it that way. She's been through a lot of sorrows and she was a battered wife (if you just know how grateful i am that her hubby was one of the first among the Atlanta Survivors who got killed by the walkers). She also lost her daughter but just like what she said, she haven't lost her mind yet. After the time skip, we've seen her character grow and she can even wield a weapon now and bravely enters a battle with no hesitation. I am so excited to see more from her. Her relationship with Daryl is quite fascinating too. 

Surprise! Most of you is probably rooting for him and place him on the first spot but I'm not a Rick fan but I believe that he deserves a spot here. Being the lead character on this game, Rick was exposed too much and  I don't see any surprises to come, unless some creative twist will arrive. His character has become way too strong and he is very dominant over his group and I guess that is very understandable considering that he is the group's leader and he just want to protect them from danger. However, after the death of Lori, he's insanity is something i can't bear with. Other than that, I still adore his character. 


A girl with Katana! One of the coolest approach I have ever seen in the series so far. Choosing between her and Andrea, I have no doubt to choose her more. Michonne's personality is more like a female version of Daryl but her softer side finally revealed in the latest episode as she goes along with Rick and Carl. Remember her first appearance? She managed to tame the zombies and the reason behind it is still a mystery. We don't know much about her character and that is something to look forward too right? 

If zombie apocalypse occurred in real life, I would like to be as cool as Daryl. He's a loner type of guy who tend to do things alone. He's not a talkative guy either but if you try to know him better, you will eventually see his softer side. I just love how his character evolved in the series. From being a furious guy, he become more caring , softer and more approachable in the group.  His intimate bond with Carol fascinates me a lot. In addition to that, i believe that he is capable of being the next leader if Rick will turn down his position. After his brother Merle is starting to get my attention too. Just like Daryl, his strong character seems to lie down a bit.  

The list i have here are subjectively done...feel free to share your own list ^_^ 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bluedreamer's Random Notes # 2

►Time for another random notes. actually i just don't have any idea on what to post today LOL . It's March and time is really running so fast but I am happy that I managed to bring myself back into blogging. This is my first time to come up with nine posts for a month since March of 2012 hehe. Interestingly, most of my entries last month are not reposted entries from my previous posts and they are new addition to my Top Five collection.
You might want to visit my Top Five lists for February 2013

and there's a lot more to come cheers!

► I'm not yet done recounting your comments guys but I am planning to reveal the list every quarter of the year so kindly expect to see the list by the end of this month. I'm currently making my personalized clay craft for the winners. I'm not sure yet if it's going to be a key chain or a fridge magnet but to give you an idea about my craft, here's one of my favorite recent creations.

► Holy Week is about to approach and I'm sure you guys are planning to have a vacation somewhere but instead of  taking these plans as your priority, please don't forget that this Holy Week is the time where we recount the events that occurred on the last days of Jesus. 

► You know I love Math and that is also the reason why I took it as my major subject. Unfortunately, I stopped getting my education due to my work but I will definitely pursue my studies if my time would allow me. A nephew approached me a few days ago to help him with his brain draining and mind twisting assignment. Oh guess what my jaw dropped after seeing those mathematical figures again. I can barely remember some of the processes but I'm glad I managed to solve them all. though not sure if I did the right thing... crossing my fingers
This is what you called creative "Hen-manship" lol
► Kindly meet my newest buddy " Retsu". I had a terrifying experience with "Nami" after biting me and I was traumatized by that experience but allow me to conquer my fear by adopting another puppy hehe. The name Retsu is taken from one of my favorite characters in Bleach (anime) ~ Retsu Unohana. 

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