Saturday, March 9, 2013

Green Thumb

Green Thumb is something you can never describe me at. The last time that I managed to grow a plant was when my Science teacher asked us to plant monggo (mung bean) seed on a damp cotton  as a part of our Science experiment. Almost all the plants that i planted died after a few days despite of providing all their basic necessity including water, sunlight and even those natural fertilizers. Good thing this is not a curse that is running to our family (right Mecoy?) LOL because my father managed to grow a lot of plants and they even bear healthy fruits as well. 

 How does it feels like picking some fresh tomatoes directly from these plants? Apart from this, he's starting to grow some bitter gourd  too. What a Green thumb he is indeed! Yikes, the only place that I managed to grow not just one but an ample amount of fruit bearing plants is when i am in an isolated island of Robinson (an Iphone app)
Take this my father!! haha See, i managed to grow a hectare of tomatoes after seven hours!!! 

Have a great day guys and Happy blogging!

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