Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How's Blue?

This is so great, I failed to update my blog for almost 3 weeks and it is so disappointing that i can hardly find time to blog and to visit you guys (I miss spamming your blogs too ^_^). I'm really sorry guys but I am assuring you that I'll be back (actively) this December. It just so happen that my computer at home is not working. My PC got corrupted and I had to replace my CPU. Everything is doing well with my job and the schedule is not that stressing anymore. I am also planning to buy a mobile with that is capable of mobile blogging so that I can check your blogs from every vacant time that I have. As of this moment, please bear with me guys, i am currently adjusting with my new situation. It is really depressing not to visit your blogs and not to update mine. Just give one more week and I'll be back to my regular blog hopping routine. Thank you so much for your consideration . Miss yah all!

By the way, we do not have IBOTM portion for this month but I'm going to have two blogs next month. Have a great day guys and Happy blogging to all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Going Gaga over Gargling

This is a new phase in my life indeed! Being in a new industry is quite tough because I had to make necessary adjustments just to cope with all my obligations and other responsibilities. I'm quite disappointed actually because I rarely update some of my blogs lately and I also messed up my regular blog hopping routine. We are currently on the training process so I really have to focus more on that first and absorb everything from our trainers. It's quite tough but I know I can manage it and get used to it soon.
I became a home based freelance writer for more than year and switching to a new field of work is quite difficult but I know I have no choice but to bear all these pressure and stress.
And speaking of Stress, let me share you some of my experiences during my job hunt, my interview and my first day at work.
Well, I saw this job opening online and since I was aiming to get a new job, I grabbed that opportunity so I sent my resume directly to that company. And knowing that I do not have a Degree yet, I was not hoping to be invited for an interview. It was just a try out and in my surprise, a day after my submission, I received a call from their HR stating that they are inviting my for the Initial interview and exams for tomorrow. I didn't waste any of my time so I grabbed it.
Right after that call, I immediately hit the barber shop to get a new and clean haircut haha. Proper grooming plays a very important role if ever you are applying for a job. It can be a way of creating a good impression to the interviewer.
I was able to pass all the exams and the Interviews as well and I was invited to take a Medical examination as a part of their company requirements. It was a horrible medical exam experience actually because I was not aware that RECTAL exam is a part of it hahaha.
If there's one part of the medical exam that I am really worrying about, that would be my Dental record. I do have weak gums to be honest and it bleeds easily. This is the reason why I do not brush my teeth so hard because if I do, my gums will bleed so fast. And of course, if I'm not brushing it hard, chances are, i will be leaving some germs or dirt in my teeth which might cause bad breath or tooth decay. That's why after brushing, I make use of mouth wash to clean my mouth thoroughly.

I used to have one at home and I also keep one inside my bag in case an EMERGENCY situation arrives hehe. Bad Breath is a mark down for men and is a big turn off for girls so make sure you always smell fresh all day long. There are many ways to keep your breath fresh or somehow make it smell good. You can try Mouth perfumes but they are quite expensive however the effect will not last that long and there's a tendency that you'll keep on spraying that perfume over and over again in just a short period of time.
Looking for inexpensive way? Then I guess mint candies will do!
Even though I always keep one in my bag, I don't use it much often. First, it's sweet so you'll get thirsty easily. Keep in mind that SWEETS are the number one reason behind those Teeth or dental related problems. And also the refreshing sensation it provides doesn't last that long.
Mouth wash is indeed the best solution. There are pocket sized mouth wash you can bring wherever you will go just like that 50ml new Colgate Flax above.
But of course, mouth wash may vary depending on its brand. Some do not last that long and chances are, you'll be using the mouth wash again and again in a short time interval and that's pretty awkward right because you have to find a place for you to gargle. Not unless you are confident enough to gargle in front of many people or in a crowdy places.
Stop yourself from getting so Gaga over Gargling!
Colgate Flax kills bacteria 99 %, and protects up to 12 hours with no burning sensation before and after rinsing.
It has 6 flavors including the "Colgate Flax Freshmint" above.
Well, Make a switch now not unless you can bear looking as awkward and funny like these two.
(Me and cousin Ichan)

Speaking of funny pictures, Colgate Flax has a very cool application that you guys should try to see how awkward it is to see yourself gargling hehe. Just visit the Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo Application (no downloads required), upload your pick, add Gargling effect and see the result.
You can check this video (below) for the step by step procedure. (Sorry for the poor video quality)

Guys, it is not necessary for us to gargle 4 or 5 times a day! It's Hassle and so time consuming!
You guys should try the Colgate Flax Gloo Gloo application. It's really user friendly and so fun to use. You can also experiment some of your photos hehe.

Anyway, my first day in work turns out wonderfully and thanks God I don't have to worry about gargling in every vacant hours I have.
Have a great day guys and Happy gargling blogging to all!!!

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