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http://It's time to present you my 
Thank you so much guys for your support!
Let me also have a short recap about all the activities i had for this month.
I got 2 Top Five Entries: and INTERESTING BLOG OF THE MONTH - MARCH 2010.
I'm done updating my Blog Swap Corner! I also provide a space in my side bar for my "Blog Swap Bloggers Corner" where you can get recent updates from my Top Ten Commentators. I also have another portion in my sidebar entitled "Featured Bloggers of the Month" there will always be 4 bloggers to be featured each month ; The Top 1 Commentator, The Interesting Bloig Awardee of the previous Month, Top 1 Commentator of all time and Top 1 first Commenter. I will bring back the "First Commenter System" again. I also add "Question of the Week" space in my sidebar taken from my other blogs and also the Picture of the Day portion (also in my sidebar).
 Meanwhile, in my other blogs, "Roald Dahl's Collection: Online Journey Book Review Specials" will end today so the "Song To Remember presents Name It". Catch more entries of Avengers in my Super Blog and more creeps in my World Of Creeps blog.
For Upcoming themes and events: Song To Remember will have an unusual back to back tandem of artist (will give you update soon). Online Journey will have a "Gadget Review Special" for the whole month of April. I will also give you an update on status and preparation for my upcoming Comics Blog.Of course, here in Top Five, watch out for my next IBOTM awardee and for my 4 new top five entries.
Love SongOur Song 

Have A great day Everyone! enjoy your Holy Week and don't forget to pay tribute to our Lord Jesus Christ this lenten Season

Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrate 75 Years of Goodness With Hormel!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

It seems everyone in my house is so busy! My parents went out to visit Grampa, my brothers are too busy playing with those video games, and my sister, well, locked her self inside her room as if she doesn’t want to be disturbed. Anyway, I have no choice yesterday but to cook our own lunch. I am not into cooking and I don’t know even a single recipe. Oh! Of course! I know how to fry! No wonder why we end up eating this fried luncheon meat for our lunch. Ehh! I know it doesn’t look good and it seems that no one will ever dare to eat it. How I wish our mom was here but we have to wait for three more days ‘til they get back. If mom was here, she will surely do something to this dry and boring luncheon meat and turn in into something special. I remember her cooking a special Hormel spam dish for us. Well, we all know how well Hormel spam taste like especially the Hormel chili (now I’m getting hungry). When it comes to Spam, Hormel is the only name that we’re trusting on. We grew up eating hormel. Normally, we’re just frying them and put it in our bread but my mom always does something to make it more special. Just like when she adds some tomato sauce into it and add some ingredients. I don’t know what kind of dish is that but it really tastes so good!
Since I have mentioned Hormel already, I heard that two of their leading products, Hormel Chili and Dinty Moore Beef Stew, are now celebrating their 75th Anniversary! 75 years? Could you imagine that? Its 75 years of providing a premium, great tasting and high quality products! I just went over their site and discover a lot of recipes you can do with Hormel’s product. Just like the picture (left), A Beef And Blue Cheese Sandwich. Yummy!If you are interested, you can visit them at or you can contact them 1-800-523-4635. When it comes to canned meat, Hormel foods are always at their best to provide you a premium satisfaction with their product. So make sure you have Hormel foods in your house everyday!

Visit my sponsor: As American as apple pie

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's "Interesting Blog Of the Month" time! After a year of hiatus, i am so happy to bring this portion back. Interacting with bloggers is so fun and enjoying. This inspires me to have this Interview formatted portion in my blog. To all my fellow bloggers, let me introduce you our
INTERESTING BLOG OF THE MONTH - MARCH 2010"My Very First Blog" by FoongPc

What is Your Blog All About?

My blog is my personal thoughts on about almost anything under the sun ranging from travels, food, music and movies to self help guides, health, fitness and even weird topics like ghosts, paranormal, feng shui, and even psychology!

Please share us when and how you started to blog foong.

I started blogging back in March 2008 after I was inspired by the many political blogs in my country Malaysia. (yes a lot of politicians here write blogs!). But after starting a few posts, I was kind of busy and put off blogging for a while but luckily I resumed 2 months later in May 2008. Since then, there was no looking back!

You've been posting a lot of travel adventures in your blog, among all those places and adventures, what is the most memorable for you and why?

I have never dreamed that one day I would be blogging about my travel adventures! In a way, blogging made me want to travel more because I have so much fun sharing my travel adventures with my readers! I would say my recent trip to Guilin, China is my most memorable because the place was just so beautiful and breathtaking and even though I did not know how to swim, I went for water rafting and all sorts of water activities! Also, I got lost in the forest and that was a pretty scary experience for me.

In addition to my third question, what would be the place that you're always dreaming to visit someday?

Oh, there are just too many! Shall I name a few? They would be Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, and USA!

I've been an avid fan of your blog and love reading your entries, among all these post, what is your most favorite and why?

Wow! Thanks for being a fan of my blog – I’m really grateful to all my readers and really appreciate their comments! It’s tough to choose which is my most favourite post because I love writing them all! I guess my favourites also evolve with the times. Initially, I sort of like my inspiring posts, then I like to blog about my idol, Mariah Carey and later, I was really into health and feng shui! In between that, I enjoyed my ghosts stories, which by the way are mostly true ghost stories and not fictional. Recently, I was bitten by the Random Notes bug where I blog about bits and pieces of my thoughts randomly in one single post. That was fun!

What are the things we don't know about you (hobby, mannerism or any related things you can share)

Aha! Trying to dig into my private life? Haha! As you know, I don’t like to be too public – meaning I don’t like people to recognize me in the street like a celebrity blogger or something. That’s why you don’t see my face on my blog. Just a panda face that’s all! LOL! Anyway, I have this habit of writing a “To Do” list every morning. I just like my day to be structured, that’s the way I am. Also, I’m pretty obsessed with text messaging. Yes, I love sending out sms to friends and replying them. It’s kind of get my adrenaline going! And I still do it despite the mounting handphone bills! At home, I’m know

What are the things we should expect from "My Very first Blog" these upcoming months?

Hmmm… more travel stories? I have yet to complete my China travel posts from last year! And I will be going Bali soon! After that will be Cambodia, so yes, expect lots of travel stories from me! Also, expect more “real” ghosts and horror stories from me, cos I have lots of them! I am also trying to share my piano playing featuring my own compositions in the upcoming months probably on YouTube? I really cannot say I will do that for sure, but please don’t expect to see my face on YouTube! Haha!

Any precious tips you can share to newbies and fellow bloggers on blogging?

To all fellow bloggers and newbies, do enjoy your blogging. Write with passion and be open to criticisms and differences of opinions from your readers. To the newbies, take it one step at a time. Learn how to write interesting posts, how to attract readers and how to network with fellow bloggers. Above all, enjoy your blogging and do not get stressed up over bad comments, lack of readers and poor income from blogging. When you blog with passion and enjoy what you do, the rest will come naturally!

Thank you so much FoongPc for allowing me to feature your blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

Follow FoongPc at My Very First Blog
Watch out for my next month IBOTM Awardee.
Once again, this is Bluedreamer and FoongPc, Breaking the Boundaries!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's been a year already when this portion of my blog went on Hiatus. Interesting Blog of The Month is an Interview-formatted portion in my blog. It is done in 3 consecutive ways. First, I will CONTACT the bloggers and ask their permission if they're willing to be featured in my Interesting Blog of the Month (IBOTM) portion. If permitted, i will ask the blogger a series of questions to be answered. The INTERVIEW is not done orally or verbally, instead, it will be done written as if the featured blogger is answering a questionnaire. Before, i make use of messaging system to communicate with that blogger but since i am not that active in that site, i will try to contact them through facebook (if any) or we'll use the Blogger's commenting system. Then, the final step is to POST it. All i do is i copy the entire interview and paste it in my blog. But before i make contact to any blogger, i SEARCH first and look over different blogs to see if they are qualified. So what are the qualifications to consider a blog as The Interesting Blog of the Month?
First, it is not boring to read every details,from the first up to the last word of his/her blog post. It is something Informative. It is something that give us new discoveries. Entertaining. It is well performed and visualized. Not too much lacking of information and not too much comprehensive.
And of course something that will took readers attention and offers enjoyment in reading.
this PORTION is not a CONTEST or a competition so as to prove BLOG PROFESSIONALISM
I do not have prizes or any material things to give away for the certain blog I've chose. This is a MATTER OF APPRECIATION. Blogging is the process of sharing thoughts, idea, and knowlegde
And who am i not to share of what i found interesting right?
Now this is the interesting part of this post, Let me have a short recap of our Previous batch of Intesting Blog Awardees. From the top, here's INTERSTING BLOG OF THE MONTH BATCH 2007-2008. Let's have some words from them(taken from their interviews)

Wow of "Look For Dream Girls" said: "I always strive to produce readers and viewers-friendly blog so that readers from different geographical locations can relate" INTERESTING BLOG OF THE MONTH: DECEMBER 2007

HYE of "Space of Reality" said: "I consider all my articles as unforgettable. Every article I write and post in my blog is important. They are all part of me."

DANN of "My Love Hub" : "The purpose of my blogging is to share my views/opinions, not to do community members dealing. I join to communities that I like and I haven't ever said to any members, "please join my community and I join yours". It doesn't matter if my community is empty. The only thing that I want is my friends and readers feedback whether they are enjoying the visit to my blog or not and how can I make it more better."

TWINKLETOE of "Twinkletoe Writing Space": "Nobody is born equal, alike or the same. We all are different in every ways, our own ways. We all are unique in our own special ways. Every blogger has his/her own style may it be in the post, the content or even the design. The blog header itself creates a uniqueness in a blog, even the title"

CHUCK of "Foster Me Up": "We all have individuality to express – that’s the reason for having a blog: to spread the love in rare and distinctive ways.Live, love, laugh as if every day is your last."

ALLISON of "Old Time Greatest Stars" :"I would consider classic as a perfect and/or early example of a particular style,or an artistic work of lasting worth."

SONDAN of "Old School Music Lover" : "My work life wasn't going as planned and frankly I was quite depressed about it. I guess I was having the proverbial mid-life career crisis when I got downsized. Music was my source of solace: it makes me feel good and brings back memories of happier times. I put that together with my new blogging hobby that I was using to self-medicate my depression and "Old School Music Lover" was born."

SWEETIEPIE of "Clumsy Mommy": " Sweetiepie's Clumssy mommy was a diary blog where you can relate and compare everything in your daily lives"

ILLNATUREDGR of "Thoughts of Pervertive Greek Mind" : "brings different things for hs readers, the content of his blogs mostly dealing with funny things like videos, posters and news that mostly weirds, and ofcourse how come i shold not miss his selection of funny commercials on TV"

MR VIRUZ of "Hall Of Famer" : "his blog features all the best things from different fields like music and entertainment" (IBOTM MAY is where i pay tribute for those bloggers who went on Hiatus or quit blogging permanently)

BLUECRYSTALDUDE of "Hot Shit From Here": "There is no question whether you’re going to stop living your life or stop blogging. Nevertheless, no matter what you’re doing, don’t stop digging in your life. Sometimes you will find gold and sometimes you just digging your own hole. But don’t stop digging."

NISHA of "Nisha's World and Baby Alisha" : "Of course, i’d love to advice other mothers that they should use blogging as a great way to share their opinions and experiences. No ‘two’ mothers journeys are the same and it is inspiration and knowledge of new things that we can gain from another mother which helps us to improve on our parenting skills. Its one year since i started blogging and its amazing how the world is a visitor to you right to your home, through your computer. Its love and kindness what they have in their hearts for each other, irrespective of age and culture... I have also learned that we may be living different parts of the world but we all have the same hardships, happiness and motive in life... Apart from this i learned so much i couldn't have ever learned not being a blogger... so cheers to blogging"

REGINA of "Regina's Family Seasons" : "I think the key to successful blogging is having good content on your blog. I try to write content that is interesting and sometimes controversial because controversial things generate a good dialogue and exchange of different types of comments and that keeps things interesting! I also always try to respond to all of my commenters. Most of my comments come straight to my email inbox so I respond to my commenters with a personal email. I like that personal touch!! I also visit the blogs who visit me!!"

PRINCESS of "Filipina in Hawaii": "Filipina in Hawaii" blog offers a lot of great articles and information about Hawaii and Philippines as well" (Princess wenton Hiatus already. She is the First Winner of Blog Idol)

JENNY of "Our Love Story": "The beauty of our blog depends on the sincerity and the message we want to convey with others and when we are sincere enough, it’s as good as sharing a part of ourselves reflected in each of our posts.I hope that blogging will make a big impact and difference in ourselves especially as we touch other’s lives as well!"

WALIZ of "Waliz Diary" : "i love to read what their write and leave some comment but i dont expect anything from them..if they come and visit me again i would be very very happy, i also believe in honesty...being honest in what u write and always think about sensitivity..i also try to be humorous..maybe that also help..."

There you go, these are my IBOTM awardees. Some of them went on Hiatus and i miss them all. Hopefully someday they come back and bring their blogs into life again. Anyway, in my next post, you are about to meet the first of IBOTM batch 2010-2011. Watch out him.

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