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This is a remastered entry listed three years ago. My Top Five entries are being remastered due to several reasons; The images might not be working properly anymore; some details should be added or the ranking must be changed.
I was really overwhelmed with the feedbacks i received from this post and it actually remained as my most popular post of all time. The reviews are mixed though but I really accepted that and i appreciate every single response [see TOP FIVE MOST POPULAR KOREAN GIRL GROUP 2010]. Anyway K-Pop is is continuing their success not just in Korea but they are also being recognized international. Even Billboard has their official chart exclusively for K-pop music. We have various internationally renown Korean girl groups and allow me to list them down again. 

Just to set expectations, this list is made in comparison with my previous post (posted three years ago). The entry is listed objectively based on different forums and chart rankings. Let's start shall we. 

(From Top 4 to Top 5). Kara is actually a group that originally started as a quartet including Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Kim Sung-hee, and Jung Nicole. The group had a rough start because their very first album 2007)was barely recognized by the public. The following year, the group made a comeback but Kim Sunghee departed the group but they added two new members such as Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung . They also released the song Pretty Girl which placed them immediately on the main stream. Since then, the group has become widely popular in Korea and in Asia. Kara has won various awards, including the Best Dance Award at the Asian Music Awards and Best Female Singer at the 16th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards. 


(From Top 1 to Top 4). Surprised? Wondergirls who became extremely popular because of their "Nobody". Before Psy's Gangnam Style made it on top of the Billboard Chart, it was Wondergirls who first made it through. They are the first South Korean group to enter the chart. Debuting in early 2007, they became popular in the fall of that year with the song "Tell Me." They have scored three consecutive #1 hit singles: "Tell Me", "So Hot", and "Nobody". In 2008, they won two Daesangs ("Artist of the Year" Awards). The group began their entry into the American market in 2009, with lead single "Nobody". The group members include Yubin, Yeeun, Sunye, Sohee and Hyelim. Now if you are wondering why they went down from being in our top spot last 2010. Well, simply because the group went on a hiatus after the series of successful songs and tours.

(New Entry). The group was initially called as Super Rookies. Members are dynamically changing actually . T-ara debuted as a six-member group with the addition of Boram, Soyeon, and Qri in July 2009.(Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Boram, Soyeon, and Qri)Their debut studio album Absolute First Album was released in December 2009 and spawned several hit singles including "Geojitmal", "TTL (Time to Love)", "TTL Listen 2", "Bo Peep Bo Peep", "Cheoeum Cheoreom" and "Neo Ttaemune Michyeo". In 2011, T-ara signed a $4.3 million contract with the company J-ROCK for their Japanese debut, the highest out of all the girl groups debuting in Japan. What makes this group more interesting is the fact that T-ara uses a rotating leader system in which a different member of the group is elected as leader each year, in order to give both the group and the individual members the opportunity to grow in a new direction.

(Remained).2NE1 consists of four members: CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy. The group's name 2NE1 stands for "New Evolution of the 21st Century". First appearing in "Lollipop", a commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Telecom, their debut single "Fire" was released on May 6, 2009. Since then, they have released one extended play, 2NE1, and one studio album, To Anyone. Many of their songs, "Fire", "I Don't Care", "Follow Me", "Go Away" and "Can't Nobody", "Clap Your Hands" have all hit number one in South Korea. When the group debuted, their song "Fire" and the subsequent live performances were dubbed unconventional and impressive. They won many awards on the weekly music shows, such as The Music Trend and Music Bank. "Fire" also brought them the Song of the Month and Rookie of the Month awards for May. The group also made a collaboration with

(From Top 3 to Top 1)Girls' Generation is a nine-member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. The nine members are: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. They are often referred to as SoShi , or SNSD (mainly outside Korea), the first of which is an abbreviation and the second an acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyuh Shi Dae. The group gained attention at the beginning of their career with songs such as "Into the New World" and "Kissing You" but it was not until 2009 when they gained significant popularity with their hit single "Gee", which would be named as South Korea's "Song of the Decade". The Sisa Journal named the group as the most influential entertainers for the years 2011 and 2012, making them the first female idol group in history to make the list. The group's debut Japanese album, Girls' Generation, released in June 2011, is currently the highest selling album in Japan by a Korean group in Oricon history. It was certified "Million" by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, which made them the second Korean artist to earn such an achievement in Japan The subgroup's debut EP, Twinkle, peaked at #126 on the Billboard 200, becoming the highest charting K-Pop album on the chart thus far. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Perfect Pitch Award

Cheers! I got this Perfect Pitch Award from my friend Fiel-kun. Supposed to be, I am about to post another set of random notes but this one really captured my interest. The meme was organized by Maestro Sinto-sintonado's blog

Maestro's rules:
1) Please use the same title and include as well the picture above in your post.
 2) Don’t forget to link Maestro Sinto-Sintonado's blog to your post.
3) Give the award to 7 other bloggers you love and let them know you gave them this award.
4) Answer the questions below:

 1) What is your own definition of music? 
Funny but Mecoy and I were just debating about music awhile ago. Well, everybody used to tease me at home because i'm quite old fashion about music. I am an old school music lover. Music is an art, something that will showcase not just the talent or skill of a singer but it will also allow you to feel the emotion and the message that lies within.

 2) What genre of music you used to listen with? 
I love different genres and most of them are ballads. I also adore country music and gospel too. Not into R&B except if you are referring to the 90s. I hate pop and I hate those loud heavy metals.

 3) If you're a song, then what song would it be and why?
I would go for "Don't Laugh at Me" by Mark Wills. It is basically a song about being bullied and being misunderstood. I am not bullied in school but I must say that I never had a great childhood. But I came to realized that this is a part of God's plan to make me more stronger. I don't have that perfect wings yet but I am contented on where I am right now.

 4) If you'll be given a chance to play and master a musical instrument, what would it be?
It's always been Piano. I was impressed whenever I see someone playing a piano and singing soulfully with the song at the same time

 5) Will you embrace the OPM (Original Pinoy Music) considering that you are a Pinoy? 
Of course. I love most of the OPM songs. Filipinos are one of the most powerful vocalist in the world.

 6) If there's a particular stanza in a song that will reflect your feelings right now, what would it be? Why and what song does it come from?
It's going to be a stanza from Michael Bolton's "I Can Go to Distance". I just want to think positively and motivate myself to go further
"I'll be there someday
I can go the distance
 I will find my way
If I can be strong
I know ev'ry mile
 Will be worth my while
 When I go the distance
I'll be right where I belong"

We can all go the distance if we keep our faith strong and we remain humble all the time. Happy blogging guys! Not going to tag  anyone but feel free to get this tag but don't forget to follow the given rules

Monday, April 22, 2013


I am a big fan of American Idol since Season 3. That as actually my very first time to watch the said show because Jasmine Trias made a huge buzz in our country and I was hooked to the show since then. As we all know , American Idol is currently facing some disappointing feedbacks especially about their ratings. They did some gimmicks , they did some modifications but it seems like none of these worked out. I listed some of the possible reasons why American Idol, an iconic Reality Show , is losing the rating game? 

If Businesses have their Tenured employees, I guess in the industry of reality shows, American Idol is already considered as Tenure. It's been twelve years and I believed that people grew up tired of seeing the same show every year. I think Idol is lacking now of charisma, the charisma that that had 11 years ago. Well it's just like a routine, and if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again, you will eventually get bored to it and look for other ways to entertain yourself. Same thing goes with American Idol, we see them doing the same routine, doing the same judging and doing the same performance and as a result, people lose all their excitement. 


American Idol used to embrace the spot light for being the most watched singing reality show but not anymore. Thanks to their competitors which offer a much more exciting and thrilling mechanics. This is actually in relation to what I have mentioned earlier. If people get tired of the same routine, they will eventually look for other things to entertain them. If they do not have much option before, now, they have many creative shows to choose from. We have The Voice (and their cool rotating chairs), we have the X Factor (and their super cool productions) and a whole lot more. I don't think it would be nice for the show to mimic the other shows and American Idol should come up with something more original and unique. 

One of American Idol's highlights is the Song theme but this thing is becoming more and more predictable. If you are an avid fan of the show, you can definitely list down those themes that are commonly being used over and over and over again. We have the Beatles, the motown, The Birth song, and more. Yes, these songbooks are broad but don't you think they should come up with something new? On top of that, even though the songbooks are broad , the contestants used to pick the same set of songs. Sigh..


American Idol is no longer giving us any surprise. It is very predictable indeed. Perhaps, the judges made mistakes in choosing their finalists. Every season, there is always someone who will stand out from the rest almost every week which is really not a good thing because it feels like there is no longer a competition at all. But hey, this strong contender will not be declared as the winner because there's always a dark horse who will emerge from the final and win the crown. 

If there is one thing that I hate about American Idol, it's the Drama. I hate the fact that the show is trying to focus more on the judges rather than the contestants. It is a singing competition and not a drama series. I also hate when the judges will give some irrelevant comments for the sake of saying something about the performance done by the contestants.  Who cares about their Drama anyway? To make it short, it seems like the show is losing its focus. I think they should give more time or focus to the finalist to build up their identity. 

This list is done subjectively, if you have suggestions or violent reactions, just feel free to say so ^_^
Image Source : [1][2][3][4][5][6]

Friday, April 19, 2013

I Am a Grandma's Boy

I am a grandma's boy indeed and I have spent most of my time with my Lola (grandma). We are actually an extended family and my lola used to stay with us. I grew up with my parents but I established a closer relationship with my late grandma. I am her favorite "apo" (grandson) as what my mom and my cousins used to say and I really miss those times that I am being spoiled by her. She used to call me "totoy" (baby boy) even i my teenage years and she is the only one who is addressing me that way except for my favorite Auntie who used to call me "bebe" LOL.
She is my number one fan and she adore everything I do even though I know for the fact that it is not really that good at all. Though I must say that we've been through some ups and downs too and i is really sad to say that it is always my fault.
My lola is probably the best person in the world, she's the greatest cook and a great adviser. Funny but most people thought that she's very snobby and somehow sarcastic but honestly, if you get to know her better, you will realized how caring and loving person she was (but i guess that is too late for that). Though I must admit that she was really meticulous.

I remember she told me to quit my very first job because she didn't want me to work at night. I was working in a fast food restaurant and i was only 17 that time. I was working as a counter guy and unfortunately I was always on the closer shift. I followed her and quit my job after two months LOL.
 My lola loves to eat and usually craving for midnight snack that's why she used to stock foods so that she has something to eat when she gets hungry. She was a junk food lover and a big fan of "Piattos" too and i remember she used to wake me up at night asking me to buy her some Piattos and we used to have some snack time alone. We used to make it silent (munching the chips slowly haha) or else we will get caught.
 My lola hates me when I am stay up late at night. She doesn't like me to stay up late at night but i just can't help it and it is also my job as a freelance blogger so i really have no choice. I remember how she yell at me asking me to go back to sleep. Here's my trick... i will pretend to sleep for half an hour or so and when I hear her snoring, i will get up and start working again. But she used to wake up again and start yelling to me >_<
She always tell her story and experiences to us and I really miss her telling the same old stories with us. I miss those times that she teaches me how to speak Chavacano and a bunch of stuffs.
But you know what? I really felt bad because despite of all these moments that we had together... I was not with her during those times that she's suffering a lot from her illness. If you just know how much I blame myself for being so insensitive. I was with my auntie that time because I have to work and she was with my mom. We just got a call from my mother saying that she's getting worst....
Lola... i still remember seeing your tears falling the moment that I hugged you even though you can barely talk and move. My heart was bursting in anger.... I just hated myself for being not around... i really really do and If i can only turn back those times......
Sigh...... this post is not good and long enough to tell all the things I love and miss about my lola.... I just miss her so bad.... Lola I know that you're not here with us anymore but I know that you are in God's hands. I LOVE you ♥♥♥

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Time for another Top Five entry. Election is nearly approaching and campaign period is currently running. Well, good thing I haven't seen or heard any tension yet here in my place but there are so many things I hate about election and allow me to list it down. First of all, this list is done subjectively and since I want this list to have a lighter tone, i excluded those common scenarios that are TOO political and things that we should hate the most including those political dynasty, and other forms of Electoral fraud. So let's start shall we. 

I remember when I was a kid, we used to collect them all and we used to have fun with them but as I grow up, I started to find it a little annoying. These people (Candidates and supporters) will visit one place to another and they will start to distribute a seemingly endless supply of flyers. Receiving one or two is good enough but we used to get a bunch of them as if they want as to remember every tiny details of their face. In addition to that, posters are all scattered everywhere. They are posted one after another which cover almost the entire wall. Politicians should have taken this moderately and it has to be done the RIGHT way because you can never tell, maybe the flyer is enclosed with money to buy your votes. Tsk tsk tsk

Jingles are good to attract attention but it becomes more annoying when you keep on hearing them everyday.  What makes it worst is when a trashy song becomes more trashy when they started to include their names LOL. In fact, during their campaign some politicians are dancing along with their very own jingles. Oh and I don't think it is necessary at all. If you are the type of person who used to dance and sing like that in a regular basis, then that is acceptable but if you are simply PRETENDING to be someone else, it is simply irritating. 


It is almost like a TRADITION that a politician will have his own celebrity endorser unless he is a celebrity himself. But of course none of these celebrities will confess that they are being paid to promote their candidates. THEY'RE DOING it for FREE as what they usually say. I don't know how effective this particular strategy is, a huge fan based maybe? Anyway, seeing them on TV or on their campaign (feels like a tour) almost everyday is simply annoying for me. They are ACTORS and their main job is to ACT people! See my point? And one thing, I don't see how much these promotion will increase much of their credibility. 

It's Graduation Day! CHeers! Students will be surprised because there will be a HUGE tarpaulin outside greeting and congratulating them from such a great achievement. But wait, something is wrong, something is really really wrong. Notice when a politician greets, the tarpaulin will not showcase the real message but their names. Funny because we used to see those politicians whose names are in bold and the fonts are way far bigger than their congratulatory message.What a classic strategy indeed. Apart from the congratulatory messages, these politicians will grab all the other opportunity to showcase their names to public. 


 I am not pretty sure why but it seems like being a politician requires you to become a poet or someone who is always joining a declamation contest. They will try to seek for deeper and nicer words to explain their side. Of course I know for the fact that they are trying to make it formal and more respectable in front of people but again, they are pretending to be someone else. For me, if you really want to showcase yourself and prove your worth, you should show who you are and you don't have to come up with a SPIEL or a script.

How about you what are the things you hate during the election period? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Look Who's Joining the Military?

After years of thinking, I finally found the right path. A career that I am going to take with no hesitation at all. I thought teaching is my passion until I realized that I am destined for something else. Something that I can be more effective at. Joining the military is probably the answer to all. My father used to encourage me to become a soldier and I think this is a perfect time to say YES. I am willing to and I courageously accept the offer. Will be heading to US soon to start my training......

And of course I'm LYING Lol (i should have used this trick for my April Fool's Prank haha) Well, everything I said above are not true at all and I don't think i have the courage to become a part of  a Military. Those patches belong to my late Grandpa. This month is actually his 9th year Death anniversary. They were sent by my Grandpa Ralph years ago. Honestly, I didn't have a chance to see him in person nor an opportunity to talk to him since I was too young that time. They are residing in Oklahoma and that's way too far from our place. Though my dad managed to see him and stay with him before. 
Despite of that, I was able to establish a good connection my my Grandpa Ralph (his younger brother) and he even sent a bunch of pictures and some valuable items that belong to my late grandfather.
(Old Coyne's Family photo)
(Grampa and Grandpa Ralph in uniforms)
(Grandpa in uniform.. see the blue patch? )

Going back to the Military thing. Well, I am indeed carrying the name of my Grandpa (I'm Milton III and his the Sr.) but it seems that I can't follow his footsteps. If I am going to list down jobs or professions that I would like to have, being a Navy or a US military is probably the least of thing that I will include. Yup, you can call me coward now. Maybe because I have a wrong perception when it comes to Military. I always link it with war and deaths. 
Well, you could blame it to Forest Gump LOL.... It is the first ever show that I've watched that showcased events about war. Since then, my impression about being a soldier changed. Here's what I think it is,
You will be sent out in a battlefield and DIE. Yikes
(Sir Yes Sir!!!)
When I was college (taking Education), I was once a "Class Marcher" during our ROTC and I was nominated and elected for no reason but hey, i think that was a good opportunity. I realized that maybe I have a chance to become a military someday. Though things went really wrong because I just had an accident causing me to give up my rank and guess what, i went down from being on top rank down to the lowest. I lost my motivation so I decided to stay in the Medic instead haha. 
Maybe being a soldier is not really for me after all... 
Rock On! Yeah! How about this one? Not cool enough? LOL

PS: after posting the pictures of my father's relatives here... i think i should make another post featuring my mother's side. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Here comes my first entry for this month. Listed below are five of my favorite series of Disney Channel. What I love about their series is the fact that most of these shows are situational comedy, humorous and above all, they are child-friendly shows and something that I can confidently watch with my little brother, nephews and nieces. This entry is listed subjectively and I only included those shows that I've already watched. I also like to emphasize that the list is all about Disney Channel series (mostly sitcoms) and we are not referring to their animated series. Have fun.


This is the show that put Hilary Duff on the spot light. Who could ever forget Lizzie and her animated counterpart who represent's Lizzie's inner thoughts. Before Hannah Montana came in, there once a Lizzie Mcguire and the show was highly successful too which run for four consecutive years (2001-2004). The story is all about an ordinary teenager dealing with issues confronted by adolescents in their daily life. Due to its huge impact, the show came up with a movie too entitled "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" way back 2003. It also came up with a spin off starring Selena Gomez playing as Stevie Sanchez. 

The story is all about Zack and Cody , a troublesome twins who live at the Tipton Hotel. Apart from the twins, it also features the story between the funny London Tipton and and Maddie. Before Ashley Tisdale established her character as Sharpay in High School Musical, she was the counter girl at Tipton Hotel. The series also came up with a film and a spin off series entitled "The Suite Life on deck". Interestingly, a spin off starting "Selena Gomez" (again?) as planned but good thing Disney decided not to pursue the series, otherwise, Selena will be dubbed as the spin off queen hehe. 


Jessie is funny sitcom that follows a story of Jessie Prescott, a small town Texas girl who moves to New York City and becomes a nanny to a high profile couple's four children. This is one of my newest favorite shows from Disney and I just can't wait for the Season 3 which is set to be aired this coming July. Jessie is an 18-year-old small town girl with big dreams who, rebelling against her strict Marine Sergeant father, decides to leave the military base in Texas where she grew up and moves to New York City.With a whole new world of experiences open to her, Jessie embarks on new adventures in the big city as she grows to rely on the love and support of the children in her care.

One of the funniest series I have watched from Disney Channel. The show is all about a teenager named Raven Baxter. Raven draws on her talent as a fashion designer, ingenuity, psychic powers and a variety of disguises to get into and out of amusing adolescent and pre-adolescent situations. The show also came up with a spin off series starring his little brother Cory. Unfortunately, unlike most of the well acclaimed Disney Series, That's so Raven didn't come up with movie. 


Hate me now for putting this on top but if you take out those excessive media promotion of Hannah Montana (you can see her face in every products even underwears hahah), i guess Hannah is truly a funny and surprisingly addictive series. The series focuses on a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family. Well, this made Miley a main stream and the show came up with a highly successful movie too. 

There are some shows that deserves to be metioned even though I am not a big fan including Selena Gomez' Wizards of Waverly Place, Jonas, and A.N.T Farm

Image source : [1][2][3][4][5][6]

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Bluedreamer's Random Notes # 3

I am planning to post a new Top five entry today but I ended up with Random Notes hehe and that's the effect of what so called "laziness". Anyway, before going back to bed LOL here are some Random Notes for the past few weeks..

1. Walking Dead had its Season Finale last Sunday and I still can't get over it. The finale came to me by surprise since nothing among the spoilers revealed who's going to die next to the tragic fate of Merle. It's Andrea and it is one emotional ending indeed. The Series is way far different from the comics because Andrea should still be alive as of this moment and the Governor should be killed during the Prison Shutdown. Well, I am looking forward to Season 4 even though i should wait for more or less 6 months >_<

2. I love the current American Idol Judges if you take out the drama. I thought Nicki would be a great addition but I don't think she deserves the slot because she's even worst than Ellen Degeneres way back in Season 9. Lazaro Arbos is still there and it's pissing me off Curtis and Devin are way far more deserving than him. Sympathy is his main tool to attract voters... yikes. Anyway, my bet so far is Candice but I guess Kree Harison will take home the crown because of the "Kristy Lee Cook" curse LOL.

3. Speaking of Ellen D, have you heard of the upcoming sequel to Finding Nemo? It's Finding Dory and is set to be released in 2015. I love Finding Nemo and I just can't count how many times I have watched it with my lil bro. And considering that it's Dory who's missing, it's going to be one hilarious sequel. Something to look forward to indeed.

4. Two of my favorite apps today - 4 Pics 1 Word and Candy Crush. Very Addicting and  procrastinating  at the same time

5. Hey, remember the Fridge Magnets... I just want to clarify few things. I want to say sorry because it's too late when I realized that I failed to glaze them and to pile them before baking them. As a result, there are some visible marks but just minimal. ( i promise to make it nicer next time) I also want to emphasize that some of the clay I used for these crafts are light absorbers. They used to call it "Glow in the Dark" but in order to do so, the clay has to be exposed first in some lights. Here's how they work after absorbing some lights and putting them in the dark.

 Have a great day guys and Happy blogging

Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm done counting the comments and I'm done making the rewards too. Here's the statistics for our First Quarter. I am going to give the prize for three bloggers who will get the three major categories. I decided to have one award per blogger to give more chances to others and if the blogger got two or three of the major categories, the blogger next to him/her will grab the title. Before anything else, thank you guys for giving my first quarter a blast.

This category will focus more on the number of times you visited my blog per post. Here are the Monthly title holders:

This category will emphasize more to the number of comments you left per post. Here are the Monthly title holders:

FC or First Commenter will record all the first three commentators for every post. 
(Since Fielkun got the first category, we will take the second to the highest amount of FCs as a recepient. Fielkun has 12 FCs for the first quarter , followed by SK who has 11 and Mecoy with 8. Therefore SK will have the title for the best FC for this quarter.)
The Award goes to:
Fielkun - Most Frequent Visitor / Best FC
Foongpc - Most Frequent Commenter 
SK - Best FC 

I just did the awards Yesterday and I decided to create personalized Fridge Magnets for you guys. Tadah!!!

Will approach you guys privately for your mailing addresses. I will post more about these crafts on my previous entry. Congratulations!

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