Friday, April 12, 2013

Look Who's Joining the Military?

After years of thinking, I finally found the right path. A career that I am going to take with no hesitation at all. I thought teaching is my passion until I realized that I am destined for something else. Something that I can be more effective at. Joining the military is probably the answer to all. My father used to encourage me to become a soldier and I think this is a perfect time to say YES. I am willing to and I courageously accept the offer. Will be heading to US soon to start my training......

And of course I'm LYING Lol (i should have used this trick for my April Fool's Prank haha) Well, everything I said above are not true at all and I don't think i have the courage to become a part of  a Military. Those patches belong to my late Grandpa. This month is actually his 9th year Death anniversary. They were sent by my Grandpa Ralph years ago. Honestly, I didn't have a chance to see him in person nor an opportunity to talk to him since I was too young that time. They are residing in Oklahoma and that's way too far from our place. Though my dad managed to see him and stay with him before. 
Despite of that, I was able to establish a good connection my my Grandpa Ralph (his younger brother) and he even sent a bunch of pictures and some valuable items that belong to my late grandfather.
(Old Coyne's Family photo)
(Grampa and Grandpa Ralph in uniforms)
(Grandpa in uniform.. see the blue patch? )

Going back to the Military thing. Well, I am indeed carrying the name of my Grandpa (I'm Milton III and his the Sr.) but it seems that I can't follow his footsteps. If I am going to list down jobs or professions that I would like to have, being a Navy or a US military is probably the least of thing that I will include. Yup, you can call me coward now. Maybe because I have a wrong perception when it comes to Military. I always link it with war and deaths. 
Well, you could blame it to Forest Gump LOL.... It is the first ever show that I've watched that showcased events about war. Since then, my impression about being a soldier changed. Here's what I think it is,
You will be sent out in a battlefield and DIE. Yikes
(Sir Yes Sir!!!)
When I was college (taking Education), I was once a "Class Marcher" during our ROTC and I was nominated and elected for no reason but hey, i think that was a good opportunity. I realized that maybe I have a chance to become a military someday. Though things went really wrong because I just had an accident causing me to give up my rank and guess what, i went down from being on top rank down to the lowest. I lost my motivation so I decided to stay in the Medic instead haha. 
Maybe being a soldier is not really for me after all... 
Rock On! Yeah! How about this one? Not cool enough? LOL

PS: after posting the pictures of my father's relatives here... i think i should make another post featuring my mother's side. 

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