Monday, February 28, 2011

Rolling in The Deep

Not too late for my Music Monday! My entry this week is from a powerful young British singer. She's no other than, Adele! Her songs are so amazing and it's very rare to hear such powerful voice nowadays. I'm tired of listening to JB, LG, TS, and KP (i know you know what these acronyms stand for). They used to compare Adele with Amy Winehouse and Duffy but for me, Adele is more talented and more unique when it comes to the singing style. I love her "Chasing Pavements" and never tired listening to it. Well, my song entry for this week is her single from her second album entitled "Rolling in the Deep." Hope you like it!

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By the way, hope you like the new look of my blog. Last month, i themed up with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, this time, i decided to go green in commemoration with Saint Patrick's Day.
Saint Patrick's Day is a religious holiday celebrated internationally on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick , the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland. It originated as a Catholic holiday and became an official feast day in the early 17th century. It has gradually become more of a secular celebration of Ireland's culture. According to legend, Saint Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish people. The shamrock () is a symbol of Ireland. It is a three-leafed old white clover. The name shamrock is derived from Irish seamróg, which is the diminutive version of the Irish word for clover. So don't ask why you see so many clover leaves on my background huh.

Speaking of Style, Mariuca gave me this wonderful "Stylish Blogger Award" few days ago. Well, i have nothing to celebrate unlike Marzie who got a wonderful surprise from Mr G as she found out that her perfume blog is now PR 3. In fact i just lost some PRs yesterday hehe. Well, instead of putting myself down, i know that i should be more thankful because you guys are still here supporting my blog. Thank you guys. I know i've been inactive these passed few days and i am so thankful to have you guys as my friends.
Also special thanks to Marzie for giving me such award!
Okay, enough the drama. I would like to dedicate this award to........(drum roll........). Just imagine you are one of the nominees of Oscars.........(drum roll again...........................). I don't know if you are into tags and memes like this but here we go.
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7 things about Me
  1. I am a certified game,anime, and movie lover.
  2. I'm a big Resident Evil and Silent Hill fan
  3. I'm a loner! =(
  4. I am an old school music lover (country song specifically)
  5. Night owl!!!!I usually go to bed around 9 am to 10 am in the morning.
  6. Blog addict. No wonder i end up having 20 blogs and counting...
  7. Not really fond of hanging out with friends... always feel out of place ...sobs.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


83rd Oscar will be held tomorrow and so i decided to make an entry related to this much awaited Hollywood event of all time. Listed below are five of the most unforgettable moments in Oscars.



The Italian actor and director couldn't just walk up on stage and give humble, teary-eyed thanks when his "Life Is Beautiful" won the Oscar for best foreign-language film. Instead, he leaped from one seat back to another, whipping the audience into a frenzy, before hopping up the steps and giving presenter Sophia Loren a long, tight bear hug.


This is not just one of the most unforgettable but also one of the craziest Oscar Moments of all time. Bjork dazzled and bedeviled everyone when she showed up at the planet's most-watched red carpet in a white, fluffy gown with a swan's head draped around her neck. (The Icelandic singer and actress was nominated for best original song for "I've Seen It All" from Lars von Trier's "Dancer in the Dark.") It is arguably the most famous outfit ever worn to the Oscars. It inspired many a Halloween costume.


Palance already had been nominated for an Oscar twice before, both for best supporting actor, for 1952's "Sudden Fear" and 1953's "Shane." Four decades later, when he finally won the award for the comedy "City Slickers," he proved he was just as virile as ever at 72. In the middle of a raunchy acceptance speech, in which he was explaining how reluctant producers can be to cast older actors, Palance stepped away from the podium, dropped to the stage and did a series of one-armed push-ups. Who wouldn't hire him?


Being the first black woman to receive a best actress award, Halle Berry's emotional acceptance speech is very understandable. Overcome with joy and gratitude, a visibly shaken Halle Berry motions for the orchestra to give her more time to make her inspiring speech - "This moment is so much bigger than me" - after becoming the first African-American to win Best Actress in 2002 for her performance in "Monster's Ball". And also another unforgettable moment with Halle Berry is when she was kissed by Surprised by Adrien Brody, the youngest Best Actor winner in Oscar history when he took home the prize in 2002 for his work in The Pianist. To rub it in to all the old farts in the audience (I'm looking at you, Jack), Adrien Brody accepted his statue and proceeded to do what every man in America only fantasized - laying a big one on Halley Berry.


Having an award in Oscar is what every celebrity is dreaming about that's why it is a big surprise that God Father Marlon Brando refused to received it. Brando won best actor for his iconic portrayal of Don Corleone in "The Godfather." But he refused to accept the award, and instead sent a woman who said she was an Apache named Sacheen Littlefeather to speak on his behalf. Brando was protesting what he believed to be stereotypical treatment of Native Americans in the film industry. Littlefeather's speech drew a mixture of applause and boos, as well as questions about whether she was truly a Native American herself.

Friday, February 25, 2011


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Still crazy after all these years...
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Anything of interest in my everyday life but mostly on food as that seems to interest the majority of my readers the most.
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7th March 2008. Out of the blue, a friend set up a blog and sent me a message telling me that I had a blog and I had to go and post something in it.
Blogs I Like (Characteristics)

Interesting, happy ones with lots of photographs. Honest, sincere ones...not pretentious, boastful.
Blogs I Dislike (Characteristics)

Those without photographs and those with paid posts most of the time. I also avoid depressing blogs with all the moans and groans, complaining about everything under the sun.
What Motivates you to Blog?

Lots of visits and lots of people commenting. These show that there are people interested and would like to read my posts and see my photographs.
Who Are your Target Readers?

Everybody and anybody who may be interested.
What is Your Most Favorite post and Why?

No favourite post. Every one of them, I like. After all, I was the one writing them. LOL!!!

Things We Should Expect from your Blog these succeeding months

More of the same. Since it is a winning formula, I do not see any need to change it at the moment.

Tips For Our Readers About Blogging

Be sincere and be yourself.

Thank you so much Suituapui
for allowing me to feature your very interesting blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


We are now in the modern age and almost everyone has computers at home already. Internet is such a powerful tool and has been a part of our everyday lives. If we want to buy something or sell something, we can simply go online and access some websites like Amazon and Ebay to do such transactions. If you want to play games, you access thousands of gaming sites online. You can also access Itunes, Pandora and more if you want to listen to your favorite music.
Listed below are five websites that changes our lives and has been a part of our daily routine.



Looking for an information but tired of visiting the library? Well Wikipedia is like an everyday must have site already. Of course we want to provide our readers accurate information and as much as possible we want it to be more subjective and reliable. Wikipedia changes the way we search information. Just think of the 26 volumes of encyclopedia compiled into one site. All information here are free and you'll get the information you need in just one click away.


Of course i should be bias and include this site on my list. Blogger changes the way we write our daily journal. It's like our modern diary. You do not have to be an expert writer to write your journal. Just simply post it in your blog and press enter and that's it! Let the world know what you think by sharing your thoughts through your blog. Have you watched Julie & Julia movie? The movie will show you how powerful blogging is and how much it can change your life. Woohoo Go bloggers!


Youtube is now a new fame platform for many artist wannabes out there. Wanna be discovered like Maria Aragon? Justin Bieber? Charice? Then go ahead and upload your video on Youtube and show the world what you've got. Youtube changes our daily entertainment. You can access different kind of videos here even those rare to find ones.


These 2 changes the way we interact with other people. Facebook is like the compilation of the things that we love. Its like Yahoo messenger + image hosting sites (photo bucket, image shack, Flickr etc) + gaming sites + You tube + and more! I think almost everyone is into Twitter and Facebook now and it's no doubt that it changes our daily lives.


If there's one website that changes everything, that would be Google. In fact, google is almost like a verb now. If you want to search something, then google it! Blogger is powered by googleso i should be very thankful because my blog will not be visible online without Mr G. Google is a very well used service all over the world. If you ever need to get somewhere, you probably go to Google. If you need to search for something, is probably the first place you go.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back From The Grave

I'm back from the grave!!!!(and i'm gonna eat your brain so better send your best plants to defend your lawn). After 2 weeks of inactiveness, i finally got a chance to post new entry here. Actually i am always online, however, i have so many things to do. I am trying to focus more on my freelancing job. I am so sorry guys! I know i missed a lot of your entries and i really feel bad about it. But i'll try to catch things up again.
Aside from the freelance web writing job and blog advertising thingy, there's one more thing that keeps me away from my daily blogging routine~~~~~ Games!!!!!
So addicted to games lately....and i just can't help it..... As in i play one game after another almost everyday! I am also addicted in watching old movies too. Sobs....
Anyway, i prepared 3 top five entries for you and also an entry for our IBOTM Awardee.

The Old Way

They said that a house can reflect the owner's personality. It can show how creative and how wide the owner's imagination is. It can tell how light or dark your personality is and it shows how modern or old fashion you are. Well for me, it doesn't really matter if the house has an old , contemporary or modern style, as long as it's clean and organize, i'm fine with it.
I am not the cleanliest person in the world but i just can't sleep if my room looks messy and untidy. Anyway, since we're talking about styles here let me share you some photos taken from an old magazine that I found few days ago. Actually, i posted an entry about this in my other blog. We found some old issues of Reader's Digest magazines and other magazines about interior designing. The oldest would be the September 1974 issue of the Reader's Digest. It is very interesting how huge the difference is when it comes to the products that are being showcased and how the advertisement was done compare today.
See how detailed they are being advertised here.
These furniture are made out from Rattan. I wonder how expensive they are now , knowing that they are now considered as antiques today. I'm really not into wooden furniture. For me, they are too bulky and space consuming unlike leather sofas that are being offered in the market today. I actually like those modern-style leather sectionals because they are very stylish and they are not space consuming as well. And also, modern sofas can come up now with different looks and designs that you match up in any styles of your house whether you like it contemporary, oriented-looking or whatsoever. They are comfortable too.
And hey, who wants a Nikon Camera huh?
Have you tried Nikonos III? haha. Just look how big this camera is and compare how much it differs to the modern models of today. And you know how much does it cost? It's worth $215. Too bad they don't have internet that time. The only way you can purchase their items is by filling up their order forms (enclosed inside the magazine) and mailed it to them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Love is in the air. Valentines is just around the corner so here i am with my personal list of


One of the finest movies about a couple who keeps on fighting in life as normal as everyone does but also they have the most passionate and unconditional love. But as the movie goes, you will find how the husband left ten messages for his wife so that she could forget him and start a new life. The concept of “love is a sacrifice and I was just a part of your life” can be visible in this movie.


A love story about two North Carolina teens who are completely different but made the most beautiful romantic move in this movie. You must feel and enjoy each and every dialogue and line of this movie. Landon Carter was just like a normal teen who loves fun and care-free life until he met Jamie Sullivan. She completely changed his life and the last part of the movie when Landon started loving her and taking care of every single moment of Jamie is really an element to feel.


Ghost is a 1990 romantic fantasy drama film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn and Whoopi Goldberg, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed bVy Jerry Zucker.A must watch in the romantic movie genre, Ghost exudes romance and love like none other. A fantasy thriller based on the theme of love beyond death, this one touched the emotional and romantic chord in the most beautiful way.


The world’s most beautiful and famous actress, Anna Scott (Julia Robert) fall in love with a travel bookstore owner at Notting Hill, William Thacker (Hugh Grant). This movie is a smooth going movie with lots of beautiful dialogues and humorous acts. In fact, the proposal of Anna Scott in this movie is considered to the third best proposal ever made. They struggle the difference in the status of an unsuccessful professional bookstore owner and the world most-liked American Actress and the final press conference scene is just awesome and excited.


This is really my favorite. Every gesture in this movie is just beautiful and also this movie is known for the best passionate kiss. Noah Calhoun is just a country boy who fall in love with Allie Hamilton who is a descended from rich family with a bright future ahead. They fall in love summer but separated again due to the difference in the social status. But Noah made her feel the freedom life and also did everything what she dreamt for.

Happy Valentines!


Friday, February 4, 2011


Thank you guys for your support. Here's are the graphs showing my Top Commentators and Top First Commentators for January 2011
Don't have prize for this but the top commentators widget in my side bar will also be visible in my 20 blogs. You can view the directory here.

David Funk

The Next Youtube Sensation!

I was surfing the web last night to check for some movies to watch when i discovered that Justin Bieber will have a documentary concert film entitled "Justin Bieber: Never say Never". It will be shown in 3 D. I just don't know if this documentary film is something worth watching for. Well, i am not a big fan of this guy but i was just amazed how far he has gone from being a Youtube sensation to an international icon. I don't like most of his songs except for "Pray" which is very inspirational and he was able to prove there that he really has a voice. Justin Bieber is just one of the many artists today that rose to fame because of Youtube.
Youtube has become a very powerful tool today if you want to become popular. I wonder what will happen if i will create my own Youtube too. hahaha. I'm sure it will take decades for me to gain a hundred and i will end up buying Youtube views LOL!
Speaking of which, you can actually Buy Youtube Views online! This process is mainly used by most bussiness owners who are targeting online costumers. We know how hard it is to promote a product online and in order for a business to grow and to become more visible on the web, you have to use such procedure like buying Youtube viewers to make it possible. Aside from Youtube, it is also possible to Buy Facebook Fans and also to Buy Twitter Followers. Social networking sites has proven effective in online marketing and I'm not wondering why most businesses today make use of these sites to promote their products or service.
Anyway, i guess it is impossible for me to promote myself in Youtube. You know why? Cause i don't have any talent to showcase... Sobs! haha

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let It Be Me!

Hey guys! How d'ya like my new layout huh? I made it myself using Photoshop and the guy above is my new avatar. I don't have that spike hair anymore so just tried to make it more appropriate hehe.
Anyway, just wanna share you my Music Monday Entry for this week. I just watched "Flipped" last night and you guys should try it too. Not really familiar with the actors but the story is really great. It is a stand-alone teen romance in a he-said she-said style with the two protagonists alternately presenting their perspective on a shared set of events. It is a period film too. It is a story between Juliana "Juli" Baker and Bryce Loski. So if you're looking for a perfect Valentines movie, then Flipped is something worth watching for.
So here's their theme song from Everly Brothers,
"Let It Be Me"

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