Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Old Way

They said that a house can reflect the owner's personality. It can show how creative and how wide the owner's imagination is. It can tell how light or dark your personality is and it shows how modern or old fashion you are. Well for me, it doesn't really matter if the house has an old , contemporary or modern style, as long as it's clean and organize, i'm fine with it.
I am not the cleanliest person in the world but i just can't sleep if my room looks messy and untidy. Anyway, since we're talking about styles here let me share you some photos taken from an old magazine that I found few days ago. Actually, i posted an entry about this in my other blog. We found some old issues of Reader's Digest magazines and other magazines about interior designing. The oldest would be the September 1974 issue of the Reader's Digest. It is very interesting how huge the difference is when it comes to the products that are being showcased and how the advertisement was done compare today.
See how detailed they are being advertised here.
These furniture are made out from Rattan. I wonder how expensive they are now , knowing that they are now considered as antiques today. I'm really not into wooden furniture. For me, they are too bulky and space consuming unlike leather sofas that are being offered in the market today. I actually like those modern-style leather sectionals because they are very stylish and they are not space consuming as well. And also, modern sofas can come up now with different looks and designs that you match up in any styles of your house whether you like it contemporary, oriented-looking or whatsoever. They are comfortable too.
And hey, who wants a Nikon Camera huh?
Have you tried Nikonos III? haha. Just look how big this camera is and compare how much it differs to the modern models of today. And you know how much does it cost? It's worth $215. Too bad they don't have internet that time. The only way you can purchase their items is by filling up their order forms (enclosed inside the magazine) and mailed it to them.

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