Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back From The Grave

I'm back from the grave!!!!(and i'm gonna eat your brain so better send your best plants to defend your lawn). After 2 weeks of inactiveness, i finally got a chance to post new entry here. Actually i am always online, however, i have so many things to do. I am trying to focus more on my freelancing job. I am so sorry guys! I know i missed a lot of your entries and i really feel bad about it. But i'll try to catch things up again.
Aside from the freelance web writing job and blog advertising thingy, there's one more thing that keeps me away from my daily blogging routine~~~~~ Games!!!!!
So addicted to games lately....and i just can't help it..... As in i play one game after another almost everyday! I am also addicted in watching old movies too. Sobs....
Anyway, i prepared 3 top five entries for you and also an entry for our IBOTM Awardee.

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