Friday, March 1, 2013

Bluedreamer's Random Notes # 2

►Time for another random notes. actually i just don't have any idea on what to post today LOL . It's March and time is really running so fast but I am happy that I managed to bring myself back into blogging. This is my first time to come up with nine posts for a month since March of 2012 hehe. Interestingly, most of my entries last month are not reposted entries from my previous posts and they are new addition to my Top Five collection.
You might want to visit my Top Five lists for February 2013

and there's a lot more to come cheers!

► I'm not yet done recounting your comments guys but I am planning to reveal the list every quarter of the year so kindly expect to see the list by the end of this month. I'm currently making my personalized clay craft for the winners. I'm not sure yet if it's going to be a key chain or a fridge magnet but to give you an idea about my craft, here's one of my favorite recent creations.

► Holy Week is about to approach and I'm sure you guys are planning to have a vacation somewhere but instead of  taking these plans as your priority, please don't forget that this Holy Week is the time where we recount the events that occurred on the last days of Jesus. 

► You know I love Math and that is also the reason why I took it as my major subject. Unfortunately, I stopped getting my education due to my work but I will definitely pursue my studies if my time would allow me. A nephew approached me a few days ago to help him with his brain draining and mind twisting assignment. Oh guess what my jaw dropped after seeing those mathematical figures again. I can barely remember some of the processes but I'm glad I managed to solve them all. though not sure if I did the right thing... crossing my fingers
This is what you called creative "Hen-manship" lol
► Kindly meet my newest buddy " Retsu". I had a terrifying experience with "Nami" after biting me and I was traumatized by that experience but allow me to conquer my fear by adopting another puppy hehe. The name Retsu is taken from one of my favorite characters in Bleach (anime) ~ Retsu Unohana. 

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