Friday, March 15, 2013

Back When I Was Child

I'm 24 20 years old now and I am not getting any younger indeed but I don't think I am mature enough. I still have this childish behavior that I simply can't let go off but I know for the fact it will fade away soon. I started to take my job  seriously and I am planning to open my own savings account soon for my future. I know that someday I'm going to have my own family and shoulder a lot of responsibilities. If I can only turn back those times when my mind is filled with nothing but innocence and curiosity. I miss those childhood days when all i can think off is nothing but to play. I may not have the best childhood memories but I don't have the worst either. We lost all out childhood pictures and I am grateful enough that my Auntie managed to save some. So allow me to share it with you guys (without any permission with Melvin psssst)
(from left to right : Me , Mecoy, Mirasol and Ichan)
(Ichan  and Me) Ichan is our closest cousin and we all grew up together. 
Yeah look at Mecoy's killer smile muwahaha. 
Busy cleaning my ear
Taken when I was on grade 2 after performing "Kalapati (Dove) Dance" 
(Milzon, Mecoy, Me, and Mirasol)
(Ichan , Milzon (not in the mood), Mecoy, Me. 

Whew, i really miss those days...

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