Friday, February 20, 2009

Excitement starts with Acobay

Are you looking for something new? I am quite bored to other social networks where I am a member with because they were just intending for a specific reason. Some of them were made for promoting your blogs and your current post, some were created just for you to share your pictures and the rest are history.

I am fond of reading literary books and novels and currently I am reading “Harry Potter”. Unfortunately, no one among my friends knows what’s with Harry Potter’s book and all they knew is about Daniel Radcliffe and how he portrayed Harry Potter in the movie.

Until I discovered Acobay, This site will let you to share what you have such as your latest gadgets and you can also share your hobby and this includes reading and many other things you can discuss under the sun.

I am happy that through this Social network I was able to find new friends. Aside from sharing what you have or sharing your experiences, you can also promote your blog here and advertise what you have in your blog.

Acobay package the entire enjoyment and fun for its users so come and join and feel the excitement brought to us by Acobay.

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