Thursday, February 19, 2009


hello guys ...
Its been a tough month for me and i failed to visit any blogs and follow my regular routine.
im so sorry for that but then let me inform you that there will be series of changes in most of my blogs including Bluedreamer's top five

March theme will be giving more focus to music and will give more enlightenment on my Fab Music portion where i am about to complete our 4th batch of HitMakers from 60's to the present time

Temporarily we dont have any Interesting Blog of the Month (you can make reviews to our previous IBOTM awardees here) but as a replacement i will be having a new portion called
"SPOT LIGHT" where a guest blogger will wrote an article for us.

we will be Having another exciting event as i bring back the "TOP 5 HOTTEST BLOG MEME(PART 2)" which was held last 2008

breaking the boundaries blog will still give focus for my Re-Posts which i will be choosing to any of my blogs randomly and will give recent updates to our IBOTM awardees

A Scene to Remember will be saying "bye-bye" for now coz i will be changing the whole theme for that blog including the title whch will soon be replace as "A SONG TO REMEMBER" this blog will become a link for mt fab music portion which will give much detailed information about our feature Hitmaker

Pinoy Alphabet will still be active but with some changes it will change its title to PINOY ALPHABET: WHERE EVERY OPINION COUNTS... the focus point for this blog are current events, entertainment and some series of debates.

World of Creeps will still be the same and was about to feature a series of famous movie characters like Omen,Hellraiser,Nocrimadon and more

Entablado will be gone forever as it will be replace as "SUPER BLOG!!" the blog that will feature all much renown heroes

Time for a change
will be the replacement for "Just an Avid Fan blog"
all the tags and memes will be post here... and it will also change the title to "SIMPLY BLUE" this blog is the combition of Just an avid Fan and A scene to remember blogs

Just an Avid Fan will be the start of something new again because i will make this blog ro what i called Blog'O'comics" where i will be posting my own made comics watch out for was entitled

these are the series of changes that will happen this coming March

Have a great time to all

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