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Its Anime zone time
its been a long time since i havent post anything about anime
this time im going to have a mixture of america and japan animation

lets start listing

if you are wondering of what Kaze Tsukai means
well, Its a Japanese word which means "Wind Users"

so who are those wind users that make it up on my list...


(from Windy Tales)

windy tales

Nao is the president of the two person digital film club, and the second student at the school to discover the Wind users. She discovers the Wind Cat on the school roof and while taking it's picture it flies away into the sky with a swarm of other cats. Nao falls off the roof but lands safely and proceeds to search out the cause. She discovers Ryouko and the Wind Cat and sets out to discover the secrets of the wind users.
Windy Tales is a Japanese anime television series across by Production I.G, about a group of people who can control the wind. The series premiered from 11 September 2004 to 26 February 2005Japan on the anime television network, Animax,who also later aired the series across its respective networks worldwide, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, and other regions.



(from Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fuu hououji

Fuu Hououji has snapping green eyes and short blonde hair (brownish-blonde in the anime) and wears glasses, except when in full armor (Fuu is notably the only Magic Knight whose hair and eyes do not share the same color base). She is more quiet and reserved than the other two members of the group and serves as the voice of reason. Along with specializing in archery, she is also highly intelligent and logical, though this is more akin to book-smarts than street-smarts. Fuu often states the obvious and is very blunt in a fairly humorous way, much to Umi's dismay in some situations. Fuu deeply believes that her belief, along with Hikaru's and Umi's, is her strength in saving Cephiro. She often has moments where she doubts herself, but comes out strong and resolved in the end. Her spells, Winds of Protection and Winds of Healing, are air-based and are mostly healing and defensive in nature, though she has some offensive attacks, such as Emerald Typhoon and Emerald Cyclone.

Fuu is in love with Ferio, the estranged brother of Princess Emeraude, who has been helping them since they met in the beginning of the first series. In the second manga series, she grows closer to Ferio, and though she is torn on the inside knowing she helped kill his sister Emeraude, his feelings for her never waver. In the second anime series, Fuu wins an archery contest against Lady Aska, after which they become friends. Fuu is very polite and calls people Sir or Miss (-san in the Japanese version).

Also known as Anne or Anemone (or Anais in the Spanish translation) Hououji.



(from Flame of Recca)


Fūko is Recca's childhood friend and has always aspired to defeat him in battle so that he would serve her as her ninja. She first appears in the series as one of Recca's rivals who wish to defeat Recca so that he would serve her as her loyal ninja. Due to her inability to defeat Recca, she accepts the Fūjin when Kage Hōshi (Kagerō) offers it to her after showing her its powers. Fūko is then placed under Kage Hōshi's control due to a stone that the latter implanted into the Fūjin. Recca successfully destroys the stone, freeing Fūko from the mind control. She keeps the Fūjin which has the ability to control winds and wields it throughout the rest of the series.



(from the Avatar)


Aang is the last surviving Airbender and a monk of the Air Nomads, the only race of people with the unique ability to manipulate the air around them. He is also a supercentenarian at the age of 112. He was in suspended animation for one century, making his biological age twelve. It is revealed in the second episode that he is the current incarnation of the Avatar, the spirit of the planet manifested in human form. As the Avatar, Aang controls the elements and is tasked with keeping the Four Nations at peace. The show follows Aang's journeys to complete this task. Most of Aang'



(from the X_MEN)

Storm 1

Storm is one of the most powerful characters of the Marvel Universe. Storm has demonstrated a plethora of abilities, most of which are facets of her power to control the weather. Storm possesses the ability to control all forms of weather. She can control the temperature of the environment, control all forms of precipitation, humidity and moisture, coalesce toxic atmospheric pollutants into acid rain or toxic fog, control the wind to elevate herself to fly at high altitudes and speeds, generate lightning and other electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, and has demonstrated excellent control over atmospheric pressure. She can produce all forms of meteorological tempests, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and is capable of summoning even a hurricane, as well as mist. She can dissipate such weather to form clear skies as well. Besides the atmosphere, Storm has demonstrated the ability to control natural forces that include cosmic storms, solar wind, ocean currents, and the electromagnetic field. She can create electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields and has demonstrated the ability to create electrolytic fields to separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. While in outer space, she is able to affect and manipulate the interstellar and intergalactic mediums. Storm can alter her visual perceptions so as to see the universe in terms of energy patterns, detecting the flow of the electromagnetic fields behind weather phenomena, machines, and nervous systems and bend these forces to her will. Storm has shown to be sensitive to the dynamics of the natural world. One consequence of this connection to nature is that she often suppresses extreme feelings to prevent her emotional state from resulting in violent weather. She has sensed a diseased and dying tree on the X-Mansion grounds, detected objects within various atmospheric mediums--including water, and sensed the incorrect motion of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere and the gravitational stress on the tides by the Moon and Sun as well as the distortion of a planet's magnetosphere. Storm's mutant abilities are limited by her willpower and the strength of her body. Her character has been described as being a "possible Omega-level mutant."
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