Friday, February 26, 2010

Bluedreamer in 2010

It is nice to see that i am earning money online through my blogs but i thought i'm over doing it. It's true that i am too busy with my work and school but i used to have time to update my blogs and do some blog hopping once in awhile. But everything changes after i become active in blog advertising. I realized that i am paying too much attention to it and i lost the real purpose of blogging. I forgot that blogging is more than blog advertising and it seems that sponsored posts are dominating my blog more than my personal entries. 2008 is my most active year in blogging where in i'm updating my blogs regularly and sticking only into one central theme. I'm actively participating in some tags and meme which is fun, i do my blog hopping routine more often. Just like you guys, i am looking for that "bluedreamer" who is an active blogger way back 2008. That is what i am targeting right now. I am not saying that i will stop participating in blog advertising but i will minimize my obsession to it and will pay more attention to my blogs. It's been years now, but i'm still here in the blogosphere. I've seen a lot of my friends went to hiatus and never went back. It's like, a batch of bloggers went out then another batch will came in.
I prepared a lot of exciting events for my blogs. Here, i made a slideshow for them.
These are the things you should watch out this year from me. I'll give you an update when will these portions start.

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