Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Kind of Diet Are You In?

Are you following a certain diet plan? How does it work for you? Is it really effective or not? Well, there are thousands of diet plan to choose from but not all of them will work effectively. Some of them are healthy diet while others are nothing but a way of starving yourself. To be honest, i am on a diet too but unfortunately, i am a type of guy who can't stick to a specific diet plan and I tend to ruin my entire plan simply because i can easily be tempted. Oh well, foods are just so tempting and it's so damn hard to get rid of them.
Right now i'm trying this so called "oat meal" diet but i'm not sure if i can survive this one LOL. I eat nothing but oat meal every breakfast and instead of using sugar, i mix it with honey instead. Then i eat fruits a lot (apples in particular because they are very effective to suppress your appetite). Think it's healthy? Nope it's not because i have to eat the same meal for lunch (oh God where's my Balut?). Fibers are good but i have to make it balance! I need protein too that's why i eat meat for supper (thank God, no more oat meal for dinner) but if you have shaker bottle at home, you can make protein shakes or smoothie too.
My goal here is not just to lose weight but also to keep rice out of my diet. Don't worry, this is not a long term diet (and i can't take eating oat meal forever) according to that diet plan, i only have to do this for 2 consecutive weeks. It's been a week now (a week without rice? Yay! what an achievement). Wish me luck!

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