Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sorry guys for being so inactive again these past few days. To be honest, I am really disappointed with what's happening to my blogging routine. I am online everyday however there are just things that I have to prioritize first. They're killing most of my time, giving me no chance to visit other blogs. Good thing I was able to schedule some post in my other blogs to keep them, somehow, updated despite of being inactive.
I also scheduled some posts for this blog if ever I failed to update it. There are some few things that you have to look forward to this month aside from the Blog Idol, one of them is our very special Interesting Blog Of the Month in which I will feature the youngest blogger I have ever met in the Blogosphere (Interesting indeed) , I am also working with the second "Blogger League" Comics strip though I'm not sure If i can share them this month but I'll try, I will be having a new contest too in celebration of my 4th year blogoversary. I will have 4 new Top five entries to come as well.

Okay back to Blog Idol.....

It's been another week and thank you for all those who participate. Thank you for voting guys and also thank you to our Fellow Blog Idol Participants for their exerting efforts for their campaigns hehe. I really appreciate that guys. Those votes coming in everyday are truly rewarding for me.
We have reached 61 valid entries this week, a total of 183 votes.
Congratulations to our participants who made it to the next round
Meet our TOP 8
(presented in Order Top 1 to Top 8)

Little Sprouts' Mommy and Xander failed to make it on our Top 10 spot but they will receive a Smurf Key Chain as their prize. Thank you soo much guys!

Round 2 will kick off this Monday (September 19)


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