Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keeping Me Away From Stress

I have 12 more days to go before leaving my company that's why I'm treasuring every moments I spend with my colleagues now. Well, I came up with this decision because I know that there's really something great waiting for me somewhere and I can no longer bear with the transportation and location difficulties especially now that we're moving to a new place.
Anyway, since I already mentioned about this new place, let me tell you how excited I am right now because, to be honest, I haven't seen the place yet. It is somewhere in the province here in Cavite and I've been hearing a lot of wonderful things about it. I don't care about the size or whether it is a 2 story or not. I just don't mind it at all and what matters most to me is the relaxing ambiance that this place has to offer.
Oh well, I desperately need that relaxing experience because I simply can't bear all the stress I'm getting right now. I've been in a "Missing in Action" status here in the blogosphere and I guess it will take me awhile to catch things up. I've been in Hiatus or inactive mode for like 2-4 months now and that really kills me.
I need to fresh things up and I feel like I'm getting too old because the amount of stress I'm getting right now is just too much to be handled alone. Good thing my cousin is inviting me for an outing. She's inviting me for an overnight swimming together with my family. She's recommending me a resort which is way too far from my place and , to be honest, it is very ideal to hit the beach today since the heat is getting me crazy.
Actually, I take a bath up to four times a day recently just to ease that uncomfortable heat feeling. Oh well, I wish we have shallow well pumps here for a greater water supply. I know that this is very self explanatory, but I'm still confused on how shallow well differs from deep well. Is is just about the depths or there is something more than that? We have lots of deep well here and most of them are fresh water so I wonder how shallow well differs from that.
Anyway, Have a great day guys. I promise to be back here very very soon.

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