Saturday, June 30, 2012

National Disaster Consciousness Month

July is "National Disaster Consciousness Month" that aims to provide public awareness on what to do or how to lessen the risks brought by these naturally occurring disasters and increasing incidents of emergencies. It is a month long observation that teaches the importance of disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness.
Several events and activities will be held including series of parades and motorcade. Emergency drills will be conducted as well in most public schools and government establishments. As a matter of fact, my former school had their dry run activities yesterday to promote the "National Disaster Consciousness Month"

"Ligtas Na Bayan, Maunlad na Pamayanan" (Safe Town, Prosperous Community) is the event's theme this year. The event is supported by the City government and they even lend their Firetruck for this special Dry run activity.
Here are students performing their emergency drills. It is very important for these kids to pay more attention to this activity and they really have to take this seriously especially on what happened last week. There was a fire accident in San Sebastian College , a week before this activity. No one was hurt but the building was completely ruined.
San Sebastian College on Fire.
Accidents may occur on your most unexpected time and place so we really have to be aware and alert. It is very important that we have Safe Site Facilities to ensure our safety. All establishments should follow the safety rules. They should have an emergency exit and fire extinguishers located at random places. It is very important as well that they hire professionals or security specialist to observe the safety of their facilities. An abandoned place may also not be as safe as what we think it is. There might be some harmful elements that will bring hazard to many. That's why it is very ideal to leave this job to the experts to provide the best of their service and remove those harmful elements and lessen the risk of danger.
Keep in mind guys that SAFETY should always be our top most priority that anything else.
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