Friday, May 9, 2014

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Yes! The time that all of us have been waiting for, finally arrives! X-Men : Days of Future Past will soon hit the theaters and I am so excited to witness this breathtaking installment in X-Men film franchise. X-Men : First Class is simply remarkable, The Wolverine is undeniably fantastic and I'm sure that this latest X-Men film will be a blast!  The story of the film will take place  after the events that occurred in 2006's X-men " The Last Stand and X-Men's : First Class.  In this film, the characters from the original film trilogy will join force with their younger selves in battle in which they have to change the past in order to save their future. Now, for those who haven't seen the trailer yet, kindly watch the video below:
So what are the things that excites me the most in this movie? Allow me to list them down
Jennifer Lawrence is back to reprise her role as the young Mystique
►My all time favorite Kitty Pride is back into action as well portrayed by Ellen Page
►It is a star-studded cast
►I'm excited to see the X-men's version of Quicksilver (and compare it to Avengers soon LOL)
► There will be a lot of fight scenes for sure!
Well , if mutants are capable of traveling back to past to save the future, how if we can do the same thing? If we are given a chance to correct something in the past to save our future, what would it be? 
Personally, I have done a lot of mistakes in the past and if I have a time machine, I would probably do something to correct them. 
Of course, I am not going to follow Marty McFly who almost ruined his life after changing his past or as careless as Nobita in Doraemon. If I will be given a chance to go back in time, I am going to approach my younger self and give him all the advises he need. I will tell him to be wiser, stronger and more God fearing. I will tell him to enjoy his life to the fullest in a way that he is not going to forget his studies and will maintain his good grades. I would probably tell him to step out from the "Friendzone" too LOL.  I will tell him to increase his self esteem and never be afraid to express his thoughts, feelings and opinion to others especially if you know for the fact that you are right and just. 
But then, in reality, we can never go back in time and just like what a poem says "Yesterday is nothing more but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, And today well-lived, makes Yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope.  Every mistakes that we had in our past happened for a reason. They tend to make us stronger and wiser so we can fearlessly and confidently overcome them in case that we encounter them again in the near future.

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