Monday, February 11, 2008


last saturday my li'l sis ask me to make her a big story book for her project
she told me that every one of them should create their own stories
its my pleasure to help my sis so after a many blah..blah..blah
i came out with this story
hope you like it
one day six professionals are argumenting about who among them was the greatest
so each of them must introduce their selves and must tell how they can be considered as the greatest among them all
"what is the sense of the cars without the smooth roads i plan,i made buildings too the tallest the better....i build up unity between two nation as i build bridges...what else can you ask for?...we ARCHITECTS are truly the best profession ever!"
"we SHIP CAPTAINS AND PILOTS help to transport people as easy as we can...we also assuring their safetiness and enjoyment in traveling...what else can you ask for...are the most wonderful profession in the world!!!"
"i give proper jurisdiction... i hekp other people to achieve justice and i revealed the truth..nd make closure to an open what else can you ask foe ....we LAWYERS are the most interesting professin in the world!"
"i made a lot of effort to cure my patient...i give birth and i give second life sometimes..i healed everybody's wound and i give hope for hopeless atient...i do give moivation to go further in what else can you ask for....we DOCTORS are the loveliest profession in the entire universe!"

the TEACHER refuse to introduce herself so other professionals asked her...
"hey! how about you? how can you consider your profession the greatest????"the architect asked
"maybe she's afraid to tell us how boring her profession was"the pilot insult
"i cant imagine my world goes round with chalks and boards"lawyer said
"i hate teachers they make me crazy with their boring lessons!!!" said the doctor
the teacher walked and go to the front and said....
"i made buildings and create bridges...i made smooth roads!!!"
"you make me laugh!!!"the architet replied
"I transport people to other destination too as what ship captain and pilot does!!"the teaher said
"are you just making fun of this argument?!!"Ship captain and pilot said
"i also give jurisdiction,justise and make closure to questions!!!" added the teacher
"Impossible!!!!"lawyer replied
"I also cure patient and heal wounds!!" the teacher said
"how could it be? YOUR JUST A TEACHER!!!"doctor insult
"never ever under estimate us...TEACHERS!!!yes! we admit CHALKS are our sword and BOARDS are our shield but have you ever think that we teachers are deeper profession as you thought!!!"
"you architect ...yes your professin is truly the best but you can never build bridges or build the tallest buildings without us...YOUR MENTORS!!!"
"You ship capt. and pilot....your profession is truly the most wonderful..but can you navigate the seas and track the clouds with your radar without a proper teachings from us....YOUR MASTERS!!!"
"You dear lawyer...your prof. is such an interesting but you will never know the laws without undergoing the ten years of masterization with us...YOUR PROFESSORS!!!"
"and you doctor and your lovely you know how to give a proper birth or have you ever knoe the variation of medicines and how can you able to prescribe something without a knowledge from us...YOU TEACHERS!!!"
We've been you all the way long from pre-schools up to college.We are doin all our best to teach you no matter how you argue us during the class..we still prioritize all of you to learn so that you can have the wonderful life after as what you are right now..
even the most powerful person and the most influential once become our student what else can you ask for....WE TEACHERS ARE THE GREATEST AMONG ALL THE GREATEST PROFESIION IN THE WORLD!!!

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