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Hello guys we're here now in my entertainment zone this time im going to list a different face of celebrity (are they?) let me list the
The film opens with Mr. and Mrs. Little and their son George on the day of adoption. Mr. and Mrs. Little go to an orphanage and are asked to pick a child to adopt. When they cannot decide Stuart pops out of nowhere and the Littles immediately fall in love with him. George doesn't take to him at first, asking why his parents have decided to adopt a mouse. The same goes for Snowbell the cat who attempts to eat Stuart upon his arrival. Snowbell then goes to see the character "Smokey" (whose dialogue sounds similar to that of Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather), the boss cat and the antagonist of the film who arranges for Stuart to be "scratched out" (killed). In the end Snowbell causes Stuart to run away but feels so bad about it that he joins Smokey's hunt for Stuart in order to rescue him. He reveals the truth to Stuart and in the end Stuart and Snowbell team up against Smokey, his goon cats and Snowbell's friend Monty. Snowbell manages to defeat Monty and the goons but Smokey comes after him and tries to kill him. Stuart defeats Smokey and it is indicated that he is later killed by dogs. Snowbell lets Stuart ride on his back to the Little House where they reunite with the family.
The film is a picaresque tale about an intelligent talking parakeet called Paulie and his long quest to return to his owner
Paule is purchased by an aging artist, Ivy (Gena Rowlands). She teaches him manners, and even takes Paulie back to Marie's house, but they find that she and her family have moved to Los Angeles. After a great deal of persuasion, Paulie convinces Ivy to commence a journey from New Jersey to Los Angeles to find Marie. During their trip across the country, Ivy begins to lose her sight. Since she can't take him any further, Ivy proposes Paulie learns to fly. This still scares Paulie, and he refuses. Ivy finally loses her sight entirely, and shortly thereafter passes away. Paulie, deeply saddened by Ivy's passing, decides he must finally learn to fly. He takes off and flies to the Grand Canyon to watch the sunrise, one of Ivy's dying wishes.
After travelling for some time, Paulie arrives in eastern Los Angeles. He then joins a group of performing parrots owned by Ignacio (Cheech Marin). Paulie falls in love with a female parrot of the group named Lupe, but loses interest when he find that she cannot understand what she says as he does.
Paulie is then kidnapped by Benny (Jay Mohr, who also voices Paulie), a thief who engineers a police raid by making false accusations against Ignatio, and snatching Paulie amid the chaos, despite Paulie's protests. Benny teaches Paulie how to steal money from ATMs using other people's credit cards, but this doesn't generate enough income to satisfy Benny's girlfriend, who demands jewelry. In a botched jewel theft, Paulie flies down through the chimney of a house, but is trapped inside, and abandoned by Benny.
In the house, Paulie is captured and taken to a building where he is tested for his ability to read, speak and identify images. He is promised that he will be told Marie's whereabouts, but this is a ruse to get him to cooperate and he ends up with his wings clipped, caged in a basement, where Misha finds him. Angered at the research institute, Misha quits his job and helps Paulie and various other animals escape from the research institute.
Misha finds Marie's new address and takes Paulie there. Marie is now a beautiful woman, about 20 years old (Trini Alvarado). Paulie joyfully flies around for the first time in years, and lands on Marie's shoulder.

Babe is an Academy Award-winning 1995 Australian film that tells the story of a pig who wants to be a sheep dog. The main animal characters are played by a combination of real and animatronic pigs and Border Collies. The film is based on the book Babe: The Gallant Pig (originally titled The Sheep Pig) by Dick King-Smith, and later spawned a sequel called Babe: Pig in the City.
The talking animal visual effects were done by Rhythm and Hues Studios.
Babe was filmed in Robertson, New South Wales, Australia
Babe: the main protaginist. He is a baby pig who was raised by the Sheep Dog Fly. He is considered one of the stupid animals at first, but becomes a hero in the end. Unlike his dog family, his tactic of herding sheep is to ask nicely and they listen


The film begins with a pod of Orcas swimming near the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, this family of orca is tracked down by a large group of whalers, and a single orca gets caught in their net. Unable to save him, his family leaves him behind, and he is taken away to a local amusement park.
Sometime later Jesse (Jason James Richter), a street-wise boy who has been on the run since he was abandoned by his mother six years before, gets caught vandalizing the marina along with a gang of other abandoned kids. However, his social worker helps him avoid legal consequences, provided he cleans up his mess at the marina. While there, Jesse befriends the whale with a collapsed dorsal fin, named Willy by the park owners, and teaches him behaviours, something the trainer, Rae (Lori Petty), had failed to do. Over time, Jesse and Willy become the best of friends, and Jesse earns a long-term job at the marina while learning to live with his new and supportive foster parents.
The owner of the amusement park sees the talent Jesse and Willy have together, and makes large plans to host "The Willy Show" in hopes of boosting sales and making money for himself. On the day of the first performance, everyone is set to begin, but Willy comes down with stage fright due to the children banging constantly on his underwater observation area. Jesse is devastated, but later returns to the tank and determines ultimately that Willy is homesick for his family
Willy is finally released into the water, but the owner and his goons have a contingency plan. The whaling company, shows up in the water, releasing nets into the water to trap Willy in the marina. Jesse has one last chance. He leads Willy to an area where if Willy would just jump, he would be free. Willy makes the jump to the amazement of all his friends! Willy is now free to return to his family


Beethoven is a 1992 comedy film directed by Brian Levant and written by John Hughes (under the pseudonym Edmond Dant├Ęs) and Amy Holden Jones. The story centers on a St. Bernard dog named after the composer Ludwig van Beethoven owned by the Newton family and stars Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Nicholle Tom, Christopher Castile, Sarah Rose Karr and Dean Jones

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