Tuesday, June 24, 2008



sorry for this late post guys it just happen that Typhoon Frank just headed the Philippines. We dont have any power supply for two consecutive days... which means 2 days without TV, 2 days 2 days without video games, and oh my 2 days without facing my PC

and as for our blog idol contest
sad to say that one of our hopefuls ends up his journey last June 21

heres the tally for the survey
the weakest song for my a scene to remember blog

Delilah as chosen by Toby
the rest got one vote

the weakest song for my pinoy alphabet blog

Cant help falling In love as chosen by Waliz
Moon River by Jenny and Hey Jude by Regina both got one vote


and for this blog

ranking:(from weakest to the strongest)

Delilah by toby with 11 votes
Hey Jude by Regina with 6 votes
Yesterday by Princess with 3 votes
Cant help falling in love with 2 votes
Moon river with 1 vote

Final Rankings:

Top 1 for this round

Moon River by Andy Williams chosen by Jenny of the Philippines with 3 total number of votes

Top 2 for this round

Yesterday by the Beatles chosen by Princess of Hawaii and

Cant help Falling In love by Elvis Presley chosen by Waliz

both got 4 total number of votes


Hey Jude by the Beatles chosen by Regina of Rochester,US with 8 total number of votes

and the Weakest Choice of song with 13 total number of votes was no other than
DELILAH by Tom Jones as chosen by Toby

Toby ends up his Journey tonight in the Blog Idol...

Toby was the Blog Author of "BALITANG KALYE"
that tackles current issues from the Philippines....mostly dealing with medicine, political, latest news...and more exciting facts

so long toby....

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