Monday, June 16, 2008


hello guys here's another re-post
this article received great responses to other bloggers who saw this
so i would like to share this principle i once made and still applying to my self
hope you enjoy it

We,blog authors, post topics or articles in our blogs in the way we express our thoughts and point of views,shared our ideas,and spread out our knowledge to our fellow readers.
We give a lot of efforts and time for it.We give our best to deliver it successfully.But no matter how hard you work for it it is nonsense if we dont even see any replies,feedbacks,or comments from readers.
A comment from readers will tell how much productive your blog was.It will measure how much you influence your readers and will show how much they appreciate your works.
We,blog author, also stands as the readers for other blogs.So what's a "leave a comment principle" after all?
It is so nice to read other blog author's articles.It will broadened your knowledge, give you additional discoveries, and will make "strangers" to "acquittances" and from "acquittances" to "friends"

Lets just say this was just a "give and take relationship to all blog owners" stating "leave me a comment i will leave one for you" This is such a matter of appreciation to others

If you think that it is a matter of "bait or such things like "compulsory"...well its not

Iam not pursuing you to make leave of a comment to all your favorite blogs.Still there is an exception to this principle

Besides not all article is something you can relate too.So if ever they made comment on your blog you cant bring them back of what we call "give and take"

But how if you recieved coment like "nice blog" "great blog" or "i like your blog"

This is what i can clessify as "bait" You dont even know if they read your article right?

Leaving a comment is sharing your thoughts,giving your own opinion,suggestion or comments based upon the article posted in your favorite blog or blog you discoverd recently

Help me to scatter this me to build a "leave a comment principle"

If theres something you think so offensive here or something you do not agree dont hesitate to tell me i wil kindly accept it

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