Monday, August 10, 2009

Eating Panini can be more exciting than ever!

It’s getting colder and colder outside and according to the weather forecast we have to expect series of typhoons to come. Sad to say, I cannot go out with my friends today and we have no choice but to postpone our plans. We are actually planning to dine in with an Italian restaurant to have some of their delightful dishes. Now, I am craving with their pasta dishes and of course my favorite “panini”
Italian cuisine is really one of a kind compare to some other oriented cuisine. It’s very unique and very addictive as well. Good thing that I have nothing to worry even it’s raining outside because my mom can cook pasta dishes for us in an Italian way. She learned it from my uncle who’s working as a chef in an Italian restaurant. And for my “panini”, good thing we have enough stocks of Stouffers-panini. We got Chicken Souvlaki panini, grilled vegetables and goat cheese, mango chicken tikka and my beloved meat balls and pepper panini.
Did you know that Stouffer's Panini is running a contest right now? You heard it right and the contest are open for all Canadian residents. I think i have to inform my relatives out there and encourage them to join.The contest will allow you to win great and exciting prizes. You can win a trip to any of the four wonderful destinations including India, France, Greece and Italy with $10, 000 Gift Card! Aside from it, you can also win a Sony Digital Camcorder and other instant product prizes to be won!
If you are interested too like me, well you go ahead and register here before its too late and to know more about the contest details. Who says eating Panini can be more exciting than ever!


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