Thursday, August 20, 2009

The newest and simplest way of how to make money online!

It’s been a year since I have learned such thing as blog advertising and simple ways of how to make money online. At first I was afraid and thought that it would be too risky knowing that I am not a techie person and I don't know anything about advertising. I have no idea until a friend helped me out to understand every detail. I started making money online by creating a sponsored post or simply by creating a review on a certain website provided by an advertiser. I can’t imagine that I’m actually earning from it. As days goes by, my knowledge became wider and wider about blog advertising and other relate stuffs. I even joined some affiliate programs and work even as a freelance writer for a company.
I am happy to where I am right now and well-satisfied on what I’m actually earning from my blogs. I know there are many things that I haven’t know yet in my entire blogging career but this will never let me stop. In fact, this will encourage me more to discover new things and learn other ways on how to make money online.
Speaking of new ways of making money online, luckily, as I was searching over the net, I discovered a very intriguing and interesting site. I am talking about Adam Berry’s Flip Switch Profit website that encourages everyone to join this simple but proven system to start a new income stream quickly and easily each and every single day. Compare to the usual ways of how to make money online, this website is not pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, it is not Google Adsense or Ebay.
Here is EXACTLY how this system works:
1) Locate web sites with email lists AND an affiliate program that don't send out quality free, content to their email list every week (they are EVERYWHERE online)

2) Contact them and offer to write them a weekly email newsletter for free (don't worry you won't have to write a word if you don't want to) as long as they include your affiliate link to their product at the end of the newsletter

3) Each week you send them a newsletter and they send it out to their list of thousands,tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers
4) You make tons of cash as an affiliate without ever needing your own web site, product, marketing skills or any start up cash
This will not require you to be a techie person or any marketing skills and everyone is free to join this new cutting edge of how to make money online. Check them out and witness how they earn more than $30,000 for just three consecutive days!!


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