Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Halloween Adventure!

How did you celebrate your Halloween last year? I had so much fun last year. That’s my first time to attend a Halloween costume party that’s why I really take it seriously. I dress up a Halloween Costume and encourage all my friends to join. The party was organized by our bosses and we’re very excited at that time to see if they will be wearing costumes too.
I remember when I was a kid, I really don’t like Halloween and I never attend any Halloween parties even my friends are inviting me. I never participated in any “Trick or treats” either. I know it’s kinda funny but I am so scared every time I see a person wearing a costume. But I was able to manage my fear when I reached high school.
That is why I am very excited when a friend asked me to join them in their Halloween Party last year. They do not have any specific theme for the Halloween party so anyone can wear what they want.
I dress up like a Dracula. I just brushed up my hair with a styling gel, wore an improvised fang, and a black cape. I add some face powder and add lipstick under my lips for the blood effect. I know it sounds childish but I really had so much fun.
My friends look great with their cute “Tiger” costumes.*EHzBHs6OZmpOR5q7d5m6780RMEO388TqEO4FPkBoFeh5nqunlq2-d39/56.JPG?width=737&height=468

And look how much this guy exerts his effort by putting some prosthetics on his face.
I really had so much fun last year, and since I got another invitation for this year’s Halloween Costume party, I’ll make sure that I will have more fun than what I had last year.
Speaking of Halloween Costume, have you heard about “Jack’s Quest”. Jack is currently inviting everyone to join him on his quest to find the best Halloween adventures. Everyone is free to join by simply submitting your story and adventures from your last Halloween. After submitting your photos, stories and videos, start encouraging your friend to vote for you.
I don’t want to waste any time so I grab this opportunity to join and had some fun.
Please vote for my pictures and my Halloween stories here.

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

So if you want to make your Halloween Party remarkable and more enjoying then ever, you better Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You and join “Jack’s Quest”
Who knows you can win too!
Happy Halloween!

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