Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Still here

I'm still here!! I'm so sorry guys if i wasn't being around here this past few weeks. I just got very busy for my work. I am trying my best to manage everything and i really felt so guilty every time i failed to visit your blogs.
I prepared 5 new "Top Five List" for the the month of February. These includes;
♫ Top Five Wonderful Things to know About Caribbean
♫ Top Five Greatest Hits from Cindy Lauper
♫ Top Five Greatest Singers of all time (Based from Rolling Stone Magazine)
♫ Top Five Anime in Red coat
♫ Top Five Most Popular Duck Cartoon Characters

By The way here are my active blogs' banners

PS, Blog Idol Season 3 will start on May with some fun changes. There will be an actual price and contestants should have a paypal account.. Will give you an update about this very soon

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