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It's "Interesting Blog Of the Month" time again! Whew, i thought i couldn't make it this month. I am very thankful to our featured blogger for this month for making this entry possible. Interacting with bloggers is so fun and very enjoying. This inspires me to have this Interview formatted portion in my blog. To all my fellow bloggers, let me introduce you our

Hi merryn, can you share us what is "Crafty Crafted" all about?

Crafty Crafted is a craft idea centre suitable for children or toddlers to follow. It's a place where Craftiers can share their ideas and together, we work to revive arts and crafts.

When and how did this concept started?

It started about two years back when Ethan was ONE as a blog to record and share the crafts done by Ethan and I. As I'm not very well versed in blogging then, I blogged from blogspot but a friend saw the potential of that blog and migrated it to our very own domain and hosting and now, that friend of mine is the official 'invisible' blog partner. I work on the content and he works on everything else :)

One of the high lights of your blog, aside from those creative art works, is your cute son, Ethan. We all know that it is not easy to encourage a kid to make an artwork because sometimes they are really moody. Can you share us some tips on how to set your kid on a good mood before you start making artwork with your kids?

It is all in the approach. I often heard parents telling me that they are unable to get their toddlers to be seated for a simple art session but when they come to see me and I tried working with their toddlers, it can be done. It is important to get everything set up and ready before you get started with your toddler. Toddlers have very short attention span so you won't want to keep them waiting. Lay everything (the materials) ready in front of you - make sure you've squeezed the paints into the pallets, have the brushes ready, you have a wet cloth nearby to wipe your toddler's hands or feet and everything else is well within your reach. You won't want to have to leave your toddler to run to grab something later as your toddler might create havoc with the paints laid in front of him!
The key to successfully crafting with kids is they have to understand what they are doing and make the approach as fun as possible.

We have seen a lot of blogs and most of them fall under the categories; personal, entertainment, music etc etc but there where only few who build a blog intended to share their creative artworks. Is it a sign that only few has an interest in arts? How will you encourage them if ever?

People tend to get caught up with technology that they somehow forget the importance of basic skills such as arts and crafts. Not many people have the patience to sit and spend time the artistic way with their kids. Parents these days preferred to leave that to the pre-school teachers. What they don't realise is, by crafting with their kids they are actually building that precious bond with their child that no money can buy.

I have seen a lot of your son's art works. Can you pick us at least 3 of your most favorites?

I must say that I love all of his art works but if I have to choose, it has got to be these 3 :)

(Photos of Ethan's projects)

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(Special Thanks to SK for sharing this Html scripting)

Can you share us some precious tips about blogging?

The most important tips will be don't be stingy when it comes to sharing knowledge. One of the reason for the success of my craft blog is I don't hold back on information. I share what I know and I try to make it as simple as possible for others to understand and for the kids to be able to follow the craft entry. Don't abandon your blog. Make sure you update it regularly as to not lose your readers' interest :)

Thank you so much merryn, can you tell us what are the things we have to expect from Crafty this coming month?

Things have been pretty hectic for me the past month. I've just launched my first brick and mortar studio. It is an extension of my blog. Parents can come and see me in real person and I can actually work with their kids hands on.

This month, Crafty Crafted has also collaborated with Craft Haven (our craft supplier) so our readers can expect lots of clay art, glass painting and more in the near future.

We are also planning to run some contests to encourage parents to work together with their children and in return be rewarded with craft supplies such as finger paints, clay and more.

I've also scheduled your potato art to be published one of these days, you'll just have to wait and see when! :P

I wish more parents/bloggers will submit their art work to be shared with our readers out there. After all we are all about sharing :)

Thank YOU for your interest in the blog and thank YOU once again for crafting with your brother. You are such a sweet heart and the kids around you are lucky to have you :D

Thank you so much Merryn Tan and Ethan for allowing me to feature your blog. Please do take this "Excellent Site Award" as a matter of appreciation.

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