Friday, August 27, 2010

Their Newly Buy Car

HI guys, sorry if i failed to update this blog lately. I am just too busy with my school especially now that i am preparing for my upcoming midterms. I just want to share these photos of my Auntie taken last week. She showed us their newly buy car.

Well, it is not really a brand new car, it is a second hand car actually. We all know how expensive a brand new car is and i guess my Auntie and her hubby are just practical in choosing a second hand car over a brand new one. And besides, there are so many ways on how to make your car more appealing even if it is not brand new. There are many stylish and cool car accessories that you can add up to your car and make it more attractive. To improve a car performance, you can replace some of its parts if necessary or you can just upgrade its engine to provide a very satisfying driving experience. Or if you want your to look more unique, you can just change your rims or your wheels to a customized one. Well, these rims are not just for decorative purposes , they also play a very important role as they help the tires to hold the pressure. Anyway, i know they can do something to their newly buy car and make it more appealing than ever.

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