Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Reunion

I never hit the beach alone. We usually go there in group. Well, i am not an outdoor type of guy who usually hangs out with friends because I prefer more to stay inside my house and do my online activities. But of course, if there are special occasions like birthday and family reunion, i always make sure that i am present in that event. Just like last year, when my aunt invited us and rest of our relatives to organize a family reunion in the beach. It is actually a private resort and we stayed there overnight. Well, the beach resort doesn’t have many cottages so they rent some commercial canopies to provide more space to shade. In fact, we also used these canopies to placed tables for our buffet style party. Anyway, we really had so much fun last year. I am not that so sure if we are going to have another reunion this year knowing that some of our relatives went back abroad to work again. Well, good thing we still have connection with them via phone and online chatting. But if ever someone invites us again, i would like to suggest not hitting the beach anymore and go for climbing instead. I knew some places near in our area where we can “mountain climb” and have some camping experience. Well of course, unlike beaches, here, we have to bring our own things like tents or even pop up canopies to provide shelter to us, knowing that there are no easy-to-rent cottages there.

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