Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Health Benefits of Compression Stockings

Are you fond of wearing stockings guys? Well, i know most women do but i wasn't aware that there are stockings for men too. Oh well, maybe because i am not a sporty guy around here and so i don't have any idea about those so called compression stockings which are mostly used by athletes. What's more interesting is the fact that these compression stockings or support hose are said to improve blood circulation and medically proven to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins.
Well, improved blood circulations has lots of benefits. It reduces the risk of possible heart-related diseases. It helps promote cell growth and organ function too. And oh, it makes your skin healthy too.
Who would have thought that it could be as big deal as this? I might consider wearing jobst compression stockings every time i jog but i will wearing jogging pants then haha. Yikes, I know they are fashion statement already but i just don't see myself running with stockings unless it could so stylish and in haha.
We sometimes make fun of stockings by wearing it to our face, making us look hilariously funny haha.
Have a great day guys and Happy blogging to all.

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